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10 Best Zoom Backgrounds You Can Download for Free to Make Your Meeting a Little Happier

Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom, zoom: it’s not just the slogan of Mazda anymore, it’s our primary form of communication! Whether you’re truly using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Teams, or any other platform, video communication has been the bridge to staying connected during this time of physical separation.

Work, family, happy hour, even dates: it’s all happening digitally. Fortunately, we live in a world where people are always trying to make the best of things: which means someone figured out how to upload backgrounds!

We’ve created some for you to use for your work meetings, girl powwows, long-distance family time, or anything else you can imagine!

10 Zoom Backgrounds You Can Download for Free

To use these video chat backgrounds, simply right click, download, and follow the instructions on how to upload it on your video chat platform of choice!

1. You Grow Girl

Sometimes, we really need to see a bit of positivity. Spread the love with this trendy background that inspires growth!

2. We’re All In This Together

*Cues up High School Musical* Okay but for real, despite the fact that we’ve all been more physically distant than in the past, we are feeling very grateful for how connected we get to be through digital platforms. Thanks, technology!

3. Far Apart But Close At Heart

Connection isn’t just for LEGOs, people. It happens through texts, video calls, emails, e-cards, Instagram, skywriting, etc. Remind those you chat with that just because you’re 6’+ apart, you’re close at heart!

4. You’re On A Roll

cred: Canva

We’re not full of crap – you’re doing a great job! Whether it’s taking lots of me-time, playing with your kids, stocking up (appropriately) on toilet paper, or donating to local causes, you’re doing a great job!

5. Enjoy Every Moment

Or, as we like to say: YOLO. Life is short, and long, and both – and it’s important to remember that this bizarre time is only temporary. So take deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed, give yourself a little extra grace, and enjoy all the good parts that have come from this pandemic. And just because you can’t visit the beach right now, doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to!

6. Spreading Joy Not Germs

Listen, first of all, we’d like to remind you that we’ve been washing our hands since way before it was trendy. As in, always. However, the one thing we are interested in spreading is some joy and positivity! Add in a bit of fun with this cute background!

7. Cheers!

cred: Canva

Put the happy in your virtual happy hour! Whether you’re cheers-ing with your gal pals, your board game group, or you’re hanging with your work team, pop in this cute background to add to the festivities!

8.  Hello, Awesome

As Leslie Knope once said, “I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.” So remind yourself of how awesome you are with this adorable backdrop.

9. Conference Call B-I-N-G-O

cred: Canva

B-I-*-*-O? Hello? Honestly, if we took a drink for every time we had a glitch with video calls…we would not be okay for anything work-related. Make the best of it with this bingo background!

10. Just A Day At The Office

cred: Desktop Backgrounds

Sometimes, you want to keep it profesh. And sometimes, you want to keep it topical. Do both at once with this Dunder Mifflin background! Having issues uploading? Blame Toby.

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we’re pretty sure all of these video chat backgrounds are awesome. However, if you’ve got a great idea for a backdrop that we missed, you can make your very own! Follow these instructions for Zoomthese for Microsoft Teams, or use Canva to build a background. Want us to see what you’ve created? Tag us on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook!

Not feeling up to making your own? No fear, you can check out free downloads herehere, or here!

Now, may the tech odds be ever in your favor and get ready to Zoom!