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10 Unique Employee Appreciation Day Theme Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day is March 2, 2012, which means it’s officially time to start planning! At Baudville, Employee Appreciation Day is a regular part of our event calendar, and we celebrate it every year. When we plan our celebration, we follow a similar formula. It usually includes a casual day for everyone (we love wearing our jeans!), lunch for the entire company, a small gift, and a personal note from the manager.

This has been our recipe for success, but the secret ingredient has always been our theme. A theme brings all the separate ingredients together and makes it memorable and fun. We communicate our theme through emails as we announce what’s going to happen and posters that we put up around the building.

Today, I shared ten Employee Appreciation Theme ideas in our latest Recognition TV episode. You can watch the recorded video in our Recognition Resource Center, or read the article we wrote sharing all the details. 

Watch the Recognition TV websiode here:

Here are a few of my Employee Appreciation Day theme ideas:

O’fishially Awesome

Employee Appreciation Day is all about your employees, so a theme that reinforces their value will be very effective at making them feel appreciated. Treat the entire team to a snack of Gold Fish Crackers and Gummy Fish in the afternoon, and invite them to try their luck at your fishing pond. Set up a carnival-type fishing pond and have a selection of prizes for employees to win, like gifts from our Attitude is Everything theme

Office Olympics

Our most popular Employee Appreciation Day celebration at Baudville so far was our Winter Olympic Games. We put teams together from across the organization, so employees from all departments were represented on every team.  Teams competed in six different events for the honor receiving a gold, silver, or bronze medal. For gifts, employees got a bandana in their team colors and a plastic coffee mug that we customized with our own Olympic art. 

Company Dessert Buffet

Dessert buffets are all the rage in the event planning world. They’re commonly found at weddings, birthday parties, and showers, but your employees will go crazy for them, too. A dessert buffet is filled with delicious treats in colors that all coordinate with the theme. Send invitations to all your employees informing them of the time and place your buffet will be open. Create a dessert buffet in your company colors for  Employee Appreciation Day! Cupcakes, M&Ms, licorice, jelly beans,  and whoopee pies can all be found in a variety of colors. Display your treats in glass bowls, jars, and tiered plates for a sweet Employee Appreciation Day treat!

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