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10 Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week (Plus 10 Gift Ideas!)

Celebrate Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is the perfect opportunity to recognize and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and passion that your customer service team brings to the table every day. It’s a chance to foster team spirit, boost morale, and create a sense of unity among your employees.

In this blog we’ll discuss 10 creative ways to celebrate Customer Service Week and how to show your team how much you value their efforts! At the end, we’ll talk all about CSW gifting – which products are trending, which are in your budget, and which will leave the ultimate lasting impression.

10 CSW Celebration Ideas

1. Personalized Appreciation Notes: Handwritten notes or personalized messages from upper management or colleagues can go a long way in making your customer service team feel valued. Mention specific instances where their efforts made a difference.

2. Themed Dress Days: Plan a week of fun, themed dress days that allow your team to showcase their personalities while adhering to your company’s dress code. Whether it’s ‘Superhero Day’ or ‘Favorite Decade Day,’ creativity and camaraderie will abound.

Baudville CSW 2021 - Tie Dye Day
Baudville CSW 2021 – Tie Dye Day

3. Interactive Workshops: Arrange workshops on stress management, effective communication, and problem-solving techniques. These sessions not only enhance their skills but also demonstrate your commitment to their personal growth.

4. Peer Recognition Awards: Let your team nominate and vote for their peers who consistently demonstrate exceptional service. Present awards during a special ceremony to celebrate their contributions.

5. Customer Testimonial Sharing: Encourage team members to share memorable customer testimonials or success stories. This not only boosts morale but also reinforces the impact of their efforts.

6. Lunch Treats and Snack Bars: Surprise your team with catered lunches or snack bars filled with their favorite treats throughout the week. A well-fed team is a happy and motivated one.

Baudville CSW 2022 – Snack and S’mores Bar

7. Team-building Activities: Engage in team-building activities such as escape room challenges, trivia contests, or outdoor adventures. These activities foster stronger bonds among team members.
Baudville CSW 2022 – Team Pumpkin Decorating Contest

8. Virtual Appreciation Wall: Create a virtual wall where team members can post messages of appreciation, stories, and photos. It’s a digital space to celebrate and reflect on their achievements.

9. Professional Development Opportunities: Provide opportunities for professional growth, such as online courses or certifications related to customer service. This investment demonstrates your commitment to their career advancement.

10. Closing Celebration Event: Wrap up the week with a grand closing celebration. It could be a themed party, awards ceremony, or a heartfelt speech by senior leadership to express gratitude and highlight the team’s accomplishments.

10 CSW Gift Ideas

1. Lapel Pin Bundles: Small but mighty, these symbols of achievement pack a powerful punch in acknowledging excellence, dedication, and exceptional contributions. We love lapel pins because they are so versatile – try putting them on lanyards, bags, caps, or using them as pushpins in the office. Plus, with so many designs to pick from you can find the ultra-perfect pin for every member of your customer service team. Another option is to work with our designers to make something 100% custom and truly one-of-a-kind.

Lapel Pins

2. Custom Paperweights: Functionality meets elegance with expertly crafted paperweights. Perfect for your Customer Service Week award ceremony, these small displays can be customized with laser engraving. Add your logo, a name, or anything else you can think of! My favorite thing about paperweights is that they feel formal and executive without breaking the bank.


3. Custom Frames: When it comes to a thoughtful gift, a quality frame never misses! Perfect for the desk, you can fill each frame with a photo of your choosing or allow each team member to pick one themselves. Add some personalization to make each frame feel extra special and super sentimental.

4. Custom Trophies: Elevate your recognition efforts and inspire greatness with custom trophies. With a variety of materials, designs, and styles to choose from, you can tailor each award to perfectly match your vision. Trophies are sought-after items that are also the very best way to end your Customer Service Week celebration.

Custom Trophies

5. Drinkware: A tried-and-true favorite, drinkware is the ultimate fun and practical way to show appreciation during Customer Service Week. Why? Because it’s essential! Your team will take their tumbler from the morning commute to the morning meeting, the lunchroom to the desk, and all the way to the after-work gym session. Ultimately, drinkware is a win-win-win-win-win.  


6. Office Gifts: For your note-takers and goal-getters, office supplies are the perfect Customer Service Week gift! Get them a journal, a pen set, and write them a little note on the first page to let them know just how appreciated they are.

Office Supplies

7. Gift Sets: Take the work out of gifting with the perfect, pre-packaged gift set. We love gift sets because they pack a punch and offer multiple goodies without going above and beyond the budget. Plus, who doesn’t love multiple gifts in one!?

Gift Sets

8. Keychains: Let them take your appreciation wherever they go! Quality keychains are a daily, regular reminder of their greatness. Plus, at a great value these gifts can fit in most budgets. They are small, fun, and full of potential – just like your Customer Service Reps!


9. Delightly Gift Kits: Few things show appreciation with more simple elegance than a perfectly curated gift box for your Customer Service Team. Delightly offers kits at a variety of price points so that you can find one that works just right for you. Plus, you can visit the all-new delightly.com to check out all the options, from quick ship, to personalized, completely custom, and more.

Delightly Kits

10. Branded Swag: A corporate staple, branded swag has stood the test of time. Adding your logo to a quality piece of merchandise is an easy way to appreciate employees while spotlighting your brand. An added perk is the HUGE selection you can pick from!

Branded Swag


Customer Service Week is a golden opportunity to uplift and recognize the unsung heroes who keep your customers happy and your business thriving. By implementing these 20 creative celebration and gifting ideas, you’ll not only make your customer service team feel appreciated but also foster a culture of excellence and collaboration that will continue to benefit your company long after the week is over.

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