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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month. What makes that title worth giving out? What’s the value in highlighting a star employee and their efforts by rewarding them this title? Like most recognition programs, an Employee of the Month program gives staff an incentive to perform. It drives them to reach that goal. It also helps with employee happiness and engagement as they work for that recognition.

Here are the top 10 ways to celebrate your Employee of the Month.

Employee of the Month Trophy

Trophies are a great way to show recognition to the Employee of the Month. Everyone feels valued when they receive a trophy in honor of their work and efforts.

Employee of the Month Plaque

Display their recognition loud and proud on a plaque that all can see. Either showcase them on their own or add them to the other honorable Employees of the Month.

Employee of the Month Parking Space

It’s a classic perk of being the Employee of the Month. That coveted parking spot alone is worth working towards becoming the EOM.

Employee of the Month, Month of Celebration

Don’t let the fun stop on the day the award is presented. Celebrate your Employee of the Month with perks and rewards all month long. Cover their coffee one day, surprise them with their favorite candy, or send them a note of thanks!

Employee of the Month Certificate

Celebrate their awesomeness with a certificate that can be displayed proudly in the break room, at their desk, or at their home.

Employee of the Month Lunch

A special lunch for a special employee. Treat the Employee of the Month to lunch at their favorite spot, letting you get one on one time to express your gratitude for them.

Employee of the Month Early Fridays

Give your Employee of the Month a little special treatment by letting them head out a little early on each Friday that falls within the month they hold the title.

Employee of the Month Time Off

Reward their above and beyond efforts with an extra PTO day. They’ll love to be able to have an extra day to relax – which they

Employee of the Month Gift

Employee of the Month Social Recognition

Share it with the world (or at least your world) that they’re the Employee of the Month. Hang their picture on a bulletin board with shout outs that highlight the reasons they deserve to be employee of the month. Be sure to encourage their co-workers to add their own encouraging notes of praise!

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