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12 Funny Employee Mock Awards

12 Mock Awards

If you don’t know what mock awards are, then did you even have a childhood? Often used to motivate school sports teams or student councils, these funny awards can easily be presented in the office.

Mock awards are best for a casual and fun way to recognize fellow co-workers for their off-kilter strengths and quirks.   

We’ve created 12 funny mock awards ideas that we just had to share!  

Drum roll please …

12 Funny Employee Mock Awards

Office Barista

This award goes to the co-worker that is always stuck making a new pot (or maybe they like to do it?).

Michael Scott

The person in the office who is friends with everyone, or tries to be, deserves this award.

Walking Encyclopedia

You know that person that knows everything? Or they think they do. Yeah, this is their award.

Office DJ

Give a round of applause to the teammate that knows how to jam. We can always appreciate their good tunes, even if they play it a little too loud…

Walt Disney

This award can only go to the person in the office that can make dreams come true!

Betty Crocker

aka In-Office Chef, this work pal knows how to tackle any culinary feat and ALWAYS brings the best potluck dish.

Wannabe Michael Jackson

This award goes to the co-worker that is pretty much a smooth criminal on the dance floor.

Office Mom/Dad

We all have one. The team member that makes sure you are always taken care. Did you bring enough to eat for lunch today? I’ve got some pretzels in my desk drawer!


Oh, you need a full report with little to no data, no problem this office hero knows how to make anything happen out of noting. Need a zipline and all you have is a gum wrapper and a paper clip, they could probably make that happen too.

Stand-Up Comedian

Always telling jokes (it’s okay you don’t have to admit if they were good or not), this award goes to the office jokester.

The Next Mariah Carey

Hello Mariah Carey! The co-worker that is always belting songs out deserves this mock award.

Alexander the Great in Another Life

Because they’re always conquering tasks. Get it King of Macedon.

Get creative with the way you make and present your awards. You can use paper plates, certificates or even create your own trophy!

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