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14 Summer Holidays and Events to Celebrate

Work Celebrations

Summer is full of fun events and major holidays that employees live (and long) for! Keep your employees engaged all summer long by celebrating these events and having a little fun at work.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate these 14 summertime events! 

June 1 (TOMORROW!): National Doughnut Day. Lucky for you, we’ve got the last-minute list of National Doughnut Day Deals. Go grab yourself a free donut, and then grab a dozen or two to share with your team.

June 5: World Environment Day. Today and every day, we focus on doing our best to reduce our harmful effects on the environment. Did you know that many of our paper products (including our assortment of greeting cards) are made from recycled materials? And did you know that we print all our catalogs on FSC® paper? We’re going green; how about you?

June 8: National Best Friends Day. A while back, we talked on the blog about the importance of having a best friend at work. Today, celebrate them! Give them a shout-out for a job well done, take them out to lunch, get them some new drinkware (perfect for summer!), write them a personal note, or something else to recognize their role in your work life. Or, if you’re a manager, take some time today to reinforce the importance of peer-to-peer recognition or organize a fun team-building or old-school activity.

June 14–21: National Nursing Assistants Week. In May, we celebrate nurses, and now it’s time to celebrate nursing assistants! Start off the week strong with a giftheartfelt thanks, and definitely some yummy snacks.

June 17: Father’s Day. We celebrated Mother’s Day, and now it’s time to celebrate the fathers in your life. Those men who have come to the rescue countless times, solved a problem, and told you to suck it up. Find a way to say “thanks” during the week of Father’s Day for some extra-special appreciation.

June 21: First Day of Summer & Recess at Work Day. Since they both fall on the same day, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Organize a company-wide cookout and enjoy some outdoor games with your team! Perhaps you could even organize a day of Office Olympics!

July 1: National Postal Worker Day. We’ve got a lot of love for our postal workers and delivery men and women from FedEx, UPS, and our other delivery services. Today, join us in saying a hearty “thank you!” to these hard workers. Your words of gratitude will mean more than you know.

July 4: Independence Day. If you didn’t do one to commemorate the First Day of Summer, now’s the time for a cookout (or a red, white, and blue office potluck) and other outdoor fun to get the holiday weekend started off right.

July 15: National Ice Cream Day. Last year, Baudville celebrated National Ice Cream Day by bringing in a local ice cream truck to treat our employees . . . and let me say, it was delicious! Whether you bring in an ice cream truck or bring in gallons of different flavors of ice cream and make a sundae bar, be sure to celebrate this oh-so-important day.

July 20: National Lollipop Day. Before now, we hadn’t known there was a Lollipop Day. But we’re so excited we discovered it. Why? Because we’ve got some yummy lollipops in our edible gifts collection, with more to come! The only question is: How many licks does it take?

July 27: System Administrator Appreciation Day. When your computer screen shows the blue screen of death, who do you call? Your system administrator—a.k.a. IT guru, computer extraordinaire, system magician. Give them a little extra love today for putting up with endless technology demands with our ideas in this post.

August 3: International Beer Day. This is one day we hate to miss out on. Take advantage of the day and let your employees out early to enjoy happy hour—whether they go out together as a team or use the time to go out with friends outside of work. They’ll appreciate the time off, and you’ll receive #AllTheBrowniePoints.

August 13: International Left-Handers Day. As Telegraph put it, “From scissors and smudged ink, spiral-bound notebooks to impossible-to-use tin openers, the lefties’ struggle is real.” If you’re a left-hander, you can probably relate to that, but we hope the good outweighs the bad. Happy Left Handers Day to all of you unique, right-brained, cool cats out there!

August 25: Franchise Appreciation Day. The restaurant industry can be tough, especially for those who are working from the ground up. Thank your employees for their hard work and dedication to your success with recognition and appreciation, whether through a team appreciation event, gift, or note.

To Sum It Up…

There are countless fun (and sometimes ridiculous) events to celebrate this summer! We hope this guide helps you incorporate recognition into them. Just remember not to overthink it. Appreciation can be shown in the smallest of gestures, as well as the big ones.

Also, be sure to keep the summer fun going strong with our Summer Employee Engagement Guide!