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15 Acts of Kindness You Can Do in the Office

Office Gratitude

Today is all about random acts of kindness and well, doing something nice. Here are 15 random acts that you can do for your team members around the office to celebrate National Do Something Nice Day! Doing any of these acts makes you an awesome co-worker!

  1. Hold the door open for fellow co-workers, especially if they have their hands full with a day’s work!
  2. Leave encouraging words on a team mate’s desk.
  3. Buy the person behind you in the café line’s lunch.
  4. Be the coffee hero and clean up the office coffee station. Better yet, make a new pot of coffee while you’re at it!
  5. Tackle the much-needed organization of shared office files.
  6. Tidy up shared work spaces (even though you didn’t make the mess!).
  7. Cheer on team members throughout the day, as they work through tough tasks. A “way to go” or “you’ve got this” can go a long way!
  8. Surprise the office with a sweet treat!
  9. Ask a new friend to sit with you at lunch and get to know them more.
  10. Simply acknowledge your office mates when in passing by greeting them. “Good morning, Jan. You really rocked that meeting yesterday!”
  11. Brave the unknown land (aka the fridge) and clean out old leftovers. This task is never coveted, but everyone will be thanking you!
  12. Give some recognition with a high-five!
  13. Be a team player and help a co-worker finish a project.
  14. Offer to cover the phones (if you would know what to do once answered) for 15 minutes, so your receptionist can have an extra-long break!
  15. Give ‘em a shout out just because!

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