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20 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Company

New Year Resolution

New year, who dis? Every January 1st good intentions are set. We look at the days ahead as a clean slate, an abundance of opportunities, and the year we finally better ourselves. Then, a dose of reality with schedules and routine knocks us on the head. Many of our goals and resolutions fade into the background and become “things we’ll start next year, when we have more time.”

We’ve all been there, and resolutions can be challenging. Breaking habits and jump-starting change has never been a small feat. But what if this year is THE year. The year we actually follow through with our new year resolutions.

These good intentions are, after all, good. They’re solutions.

It’s crucial for businesses to constantly evaluate themselves and what better time to instill new goals, then at the start of the new year?

We’ve come up with 20 office new year resolutions that will help boost your company culture vibes and refresh your company spirit.

20 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Company


Healthy New Year Resolutions

This one’s a no brainer, right? Healthy office habits help keep employee’s healthy and happy. Healthy and happy employees are more engaged and stay with your brand longer. Here are some healthy new year resolutions that you can adopt today.

  • Encourage daily mental breaks, especially a lunch break. According to a survey conducted by Tork and reported by Forbes, 90% of North American employees said lunch breaks help them feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day at work, but 38% don’t feel encouraged to take one. Stop shaming employees for taking breaks when they are necessary for productivity.
  • Create a health club in your office that is focused on providing different resources and tools to employees to take care of themselves.
  • Have open conversations about mental health. Invite speakers or local non-profit groups that specialize in mental health to help break the stigma about mental health and the workplace.
  • Provide healthier options like fresh fruit, nuts, and whole grain crackers at your break room canteen.
  • Plan to host at least one fitness challenge or event centered on health. This could be your own 5k or a mini yoga retreat.
  • Dedicate a room to be a quiet or de-stressing zone. Employees can quickly escape to that room if that need a moment alone to decompress. Make the space comfortable, stocked with cushy pillows in case a scream or two needs to be let out. It wouldn’t hurt to add stress balls, Kleenex and keep a lavender diffuser on repeat.

Positivity Focused New Year Resolutions

Work can be stressful and with stress comes negativity. Here are some new year resolutions for your office that keep up the positive vibes.

  • Create a shout-out board that focuses on showcasing “way to go’s” and “jobs well done” that are happening around the workplace. Incentivize employees to recognize good efforts by their team mates and reward those that get noticed.
  • Instill a culture of kindness. Make it known that you’re a brand that’s uplifting and encouraging. Establish a no-tolerance policy to workplace bullying.
  • Recognize wins both big and small. Employees will start feeling better about themselves when their recognized for all their efforts. Compliment Cards make daily recognition easy.
  • Don’t stop practicing the golden rule. Sometimes we all need a reminder that we should treat others how we’d like to be treated. It’s that simple.
  • Gather self-love resources and post them on your company’s internal site. Make it easy for employees to self-improve.


Hello Change – New Year Resolutions Focused on New Ideas

Embrace change. Even if what you’re doing currently is working. Tweak it. Don’t get caught in the mundane. Don’t get too comfortable. Don’t miss out on amazing opportunities because you like the way things are right now. Here are a handful of resolutions that can help you change.

  • Organize a brainstorm committee. Their sole purpose is to shake things up. Every month (or however frequent they meet) they come up with ideas that change things.
  • Start an employee comment box. Ask employees to submit ideas that can improve processes or better the company in some way. Reward anyone who has an idea that is implemented.
  • Commit to one new venture each year. Whether that’s a new product development, community outreach program, or internal investment.
  • Move around. Change up employee workspaces. Allow them to be mobile. Host off-sites to energize inspiration with new scenery.
  • Celebrate change in and outside the workplace. When someone gets married, celebrate it – that’s a big change! When someone moves, celebrate it! When someone decides to pursue other opportunities, celebrate it!
  • Incorporate employee surveys to better listen to employees and discover necessary changes. Officevibe is one of the tools we use at Baudville to implement this.

Get comfortable with change. If you don’t embrace the constant changes that are happening, your company will stay a caterpillar.

Reach for the Stars – New Year Resolutions that are Improvements of Year’s Past

You know those goals from last year? Improve on them and set them again! Here are a few new year resolution ideas to help revamp goals.

  • Whatever your sales goal last year was, try increasing it by a percentage you’re comfortable with, like 5 or 10%. Challenge your sales team to reach even higher.’
  • If safety is an important part of your workplace environment, revamp the reward to help incentivize them to stay safe more. Maybe the bonus is bigger this year or maybe you focus on individuals versus departments.
  • Inspire your customer service team to go above and beyond for customers with a challenge on reviews. Set goals and rewards for a certain number of 5-star reviews received each month. Bonus rewards can be given to employees that get directly called out for their outstanding service.

Hopefully you are now inspired to implement a few company new year resolutions and stick to them. If you want more office motivation and ideas on how to make #workhappy, follow our blog here.