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4 Appreciation Ideas for Nurses Week

May 6–12 is set aside every year as  National Nurses Week . As the healthcare needs in our country grow, so do the number of working nurses! Working in this field often requires being on your game (and on your feet) for 10–14-hour shifts. It’s hard work—work that many of us encounter many times throughout the year. A quality nurse can make all the difference in the world!

Many of our colleagues won’t have time to celebrate this important week in May. If you are allowed to give gifts of appreciation to your fellow nurses, nurse assistants, secretaries, and every other critical role in the healthcare network, then make the most of it. (Shop Now) Any token that you find that comes from a place of gratitude and appreciation are important during this time of constant stress and struggle. Below are a handful of our favorite options. 

Top Healthcare Items to Get Started

Beyond the gifts you get for your healthcare heroes you can also choose methods of thanks that have an even deeper reflection of gratitude and will leave a lasting memory. See some unique ideas below to get you started:

  1. Give our handwritten cards to your stellar nursing staff– Not every gift needs to involve money spent. An elaborate handwritten note or card with a message of appreciation can make your fellow colleagues feel special and leave a smile on their face. You can even utilize our creatively design e-cards if you wish to send your thanks and praise digitally.
  2. Host a team luncheon off site– As mentioned above many of these nurses spend 10-14 hours at work. Time is not always the staff’s best friend, but their appreciation levels will skyrocket to 11 if you are able to treat your staff to an off-site meal at a great restaurant. Bonus points for the leader of this event to give a toast to everyone before the meal begins.
  3. Give our custom t-shirts for the crew– This is absolutely a cheesy idea, but nothing brings a smile quick like a well throughout and designed group t-shirt for the whole team to wear. We are all proud of the work they do. Show off that praise and appreciation to the world.
  4. Give them a mental health break– Many nurses who work long hours deserve a break. Not just to curb burnout, but with the stress of the many patient issues they deal with. These issues tend to be internalized, which leads to bouts of depression and anxiety. In the Foundation’s Mental Health and Wellness Survey released in June of 2020, almost 30% of nurses said they are experiencing feelings of depression. In the latest survey this increased to nearly 40% of all nurses.” (Source) Give them a mental health room and encourage them to sit in this space to meditate and write in their own personal journal“Journaling allows you to script feelings and thoughts to better understand yourself and events, as well as cultivate self-compassion and self-awareness.” (Source)

No matter what ideas you come up with and gifts you decide on to celebrate and honor your amazing nursing and hospital staff, at the end of the day they just want to be acknowledged and appreciated. They want to know that all the tiring hours put in, the mental toll their patients’ illnesses have taken and the essential care they have given does not go unnoticed. Nurses, just like anyone, crave connection, acknowledgement, and gratitude. Don’t underestimate how far a gift, unique method of thanks, and a personal note from a leader can go to boosting morale during these difficult times. They key will be to continue these practices long after the celebrations of Nurses week have ended.

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