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5 Awards to Add to Your End of Year Employee Recognition Ceremony

2022 is coming to a close! It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun, isn’t it? As we wrap up what has undoubtedly been an eventful year, it is once again time to recognize the incredible efforts of our employees. Yep, that’s right. End-of-year award season is here!

Not sure which awards to give out this year? You’ve come to the right place! We have some new and fresh award ideas to spice up your year-end ceremony!

No More Boring Trophies: 5 Awards to Add to Your End of Year Employee Recognition Ceremony

The Greatest of All Time (The G.O.A.T) Award

We’ve heard of the Most Valuable Player, but what about the Greatest of All Time? This award is fun but also prestigious; it’s for the person who always goes above and beyond and does it with spirit (you could say they are the “baaaaast”). We recommend pairing the title with a trophy that is truly fitting of such prestige

*Perfect as an employee-nominated award.

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The Rising Star Award                                                                        

This award is for the people who made major strides this year and are full of even more potential – you know, that person who makes you think, “They are going to run this place one day.” They faced challenges this year but rose to them, even exceeded them. This award is for the FUTURE. 

*Recommended as a manager-nominated award. Have each team lead or manager recognize a rising star on their team! 

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The Rock Star Award                                                                

Awesome employees? More like rock stars! Present the Rock Star as a spin on a traditional Top Sales award! Perfect for your top performers who are true rockstars at the sales game. 

*Recommended as an award for your top 3 sales performers.

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The SPARK Award                                                                            

When employees ask questions and challenge the norm, they SPARK innovation. This award is tailormade for your disruptors and creative thinkers – those who are pushing you further… all the way out of the box. 

*Recommended as a manager-nominated award.

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The Shining Light Award                                                                    

The person who deserves this award is the one who is always filling up other peoples’ buckets! They are the one known for handing out high fives and “good jobs!” — the one who comes in every morning with a smile on their face and is never afraid to give a pep talk. After a long day of filling others’ buckets, it’s time to fill theirs!

*We recommend pairing this award title with a trophy as bright and shiny as their personality!

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