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5 Last Minute Office Pranks

Can you believe it’s already April 1st? If it slipped your mind that today is the day for tomfoolery and shennanigans, have no fear, Baudville’s last minute prank list is here!

Okay, that was cheesy. But seriously, here’s five awesome and easy pranks to pull if you’re feeling mischevious:

Prank #1: Leave a note on a co-workers desk for a missed call from “Mr. Wolf” or “Mr. (insert zoo-related-name-here) ” and leave the call back number to your local zoo. Make sure you’re around to witness, it’s much more fun that way! (Sorry for pulling this one, Allison!)

Prank #2: Write a message on an upside-down paper cup that indicates something horrible being trapped under it that needs squashing. Leave it on a coworker’s desk or in a conference room to get their imagination going!

Prank #3: A fun workplace computer prank to pull on a co-worker is to press ctrl+print screen on their workstation, then paste it into Paint, save the picture, and set it as the computer’s background. Move all of their icons to the trash. When they return to their desk, they’ll try to open something on their desktop, but clicking won’t do anything!

Prank #4: Hit ctrl+alt and your up key on a co-worker’s computer. Their screen will flip and their mouse will go backwards! (The only way to undo this is ctrl+alt and the down key. Let them panic for a few minutes, though.)

Prank #5: Print photos of animals, celebrities, or other silly things and post them around a co-worker’s desk. Thanks to Tisha, our photographer, I opened my drawer this morning to find a scary beaver-cat staring at me and have some new cubicle pets!

(Now accepting name suggestions for my two new furry friends!)

We’d love to see what you did around the office. Share in our comments below or email us at social@baudville.com with photos!


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