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5 Reasons We Love Our Administrative Professionals

“How do I love thee? / Let me count the ways.” Ok, so maybe we shouldn’t be as passionate as Elizabeth Barret Browning in Sonnet 43, but we DO love our Administrative Professionals, and we’re about to count the ways.

1. They keep us ORGANIZED! Seriously, how do they do it? With all of the meeting notes, emails, phone calls, receipts, and all those administrative things, it’s no wonder you can feel overwhelmed at work. Having their extra eyes, hands, and help is mucho appreciated. They keep your office organized better than the best of ‘em, and allow you precious time to focus on other, more important aspects of your business.

2. They help us manage our time. Speaking of time, they can really help you manage your time and filter out unnecessary time-suckers. #GetStuffDone!

3. They handle the nitty gritty details. Business trips, client meetings, and other big events go so much smoother with an admin’s help. They’ll take care of ordering food, scheduling flights, booking hotels, arranging for travel, and all the other tasks that distract from some of the more “core” responsibilities of your job. In essence, they help your productivity rise to new heights!

4. They become an extension of you. After a while, they begin to know you almost as much as you know yourself. (Too far?) They know your favorite latte, which restaurants you like to cater from, your most productive time of the day, what triggers stress, and so much more. It’s what makes them great at their job, and what makes working with them so seamless.

5. They focus on helping and recognizing others. This one is huge. They’re connected to your workforce, sometimes acting as your gatekeeper and recognista. Office birthdays, employee anniversaries, and more life celebrations are handled by them. They’re others-focused, which makes them even more special. Think about it: When was the last time they asked for anything for themselves? That’s what we thought…

So, Recognize THEM!

And don’t worry—we know your admins usually handle the details, but we’ve got you covered on this one. Planning a celebration, gift, or other fun festivity for Administrative Professionals Day has never been this easy. Here are a few ideas to knock their socks off:

1. Personalize an awesome gift. Be thoughtful and get creative with their gift this year. Pay attention to their favorite local hot spots—coffee shop, restaurant, clothing store, etc.—and get them a gift card. Then, create your own DIY gift set or wrap it up real pretty in a punny DIY Gift Card Holder, and you’ll be the #BestBossEver. (You can also find out their faves by having them fill out this handy Tell Us About You form.)

2. Bring the whole office together to sign a card. And we mean the whole office! Because we know that everyone has interaction in some way or another with your admin. So, whether you pick up a card from the store with a heartfelt “thank you” or need to pick up a piece of poster board to make sure every signature fits, do it! Your admin deserves to be appreciated by one and all on their special day!

3. Host a lunch in their honor. As we mentioned in reason #5 above, admins are used to recognizing others. If your admin is more extroverted and enjoys more public praise, you can cater in lunch from their favorite lunch spot for the whole office and maybe have a slideshow of some employee quotes about how great they are, or maybe have a couple employees share a few kind words. But if your admin is more introverted and prefers more private praise, you can go out to lunch with just your team and leave it at that.

4. Give them the rest of the day off. How many times have they taken your call after hours? Or on the weekend? Or had to deal with messed-up travel arrangements while they’re off the clock? Probably quite a few. Reward them with some rest and relaxation by letting them leave for the day at 3pm. (Bonus points if you get them a gift card to a spa or nail salon.)