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5 Ways to Celebrate National Receptionists Day

Receptionist Day

May 11 is a day to make a big deal about your organization’s receptionists. They are on the front lines every day: answering customer questions with a smile, scheduling and rescheduling important appointments, and at times holding back their knee-jerk reactions to difficult patrons.  Needless to say, these VIPs deserve a celebration on Receptionists Day. Whether you bring in a crowd-pleasing snack to share, or take your receptionists out to a fancy shmancy lunch you and your team should be planning a celebration to remember.  Bring a smile to their faces with these 5 creative ways to celebrate:

1) Deck Out Their Desks

Gather up an armful of bright streamers, balloons, hanging lanterns, confetti and get to work!  Have your party-planning peeps come into the office a half hour early and don your receptionist’s desk in celebration attire.  Put forth the effort to customize the décor to the

individual’s style.  Take a look at how my team nailed it with my desk on my birthday…


It’s a sad day when your hard work goes unnoticed, or is only recognized by a few people.  Make sure everyone in your office knows that Receptionist Day is here so they remember to say a kind word or two to the ones who keep everything running smoothly! Send an email to your whole team, and be sure NOT to include the VIP in the thread.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve made this embarrassing mistake not once, but twice.

3. Say it in Writing

Express your thanks by writing a heartfelt and personalized note.  Skip the prewritten verses on a drug store greeting card, and grab a blank one so there is plenty of room for everyone to jot down a reason why they think this individual is a big deal!

4. Give Them What they Want (What they Really, Really Want)

Give them more than a pat on the back for a job well done.  Give them a reward they won’t forget any time soon.  Send them a surprise text early in the morning letting them know they can dress casual for the day.  Or leave a note on their desks while they’re taking lunch and let them know they can leave an hour early!

5. Wrap it Up!

Top off a day full of “Way to Go’s,” “You’re amazing’s,” and “Thanks for everything’s,” with a thoughtful gift that shows you care. A fun water bottle, travel mug, or new desk accessory are some of my personal favs. 

Are you planning something great for your team of receptionists?  Comment below with your top-notch ideas!Abby moved to the great state of Michigan and joined the Baudville team as the Digital Marketing Coordinator in 2016.  An admitted social media fanatic and grammar-lover, she’s excited to play to her strengths by contributing to Baudville’s blog, social media channels and e-marketing efforts.