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5 Ways to Use Certificates in the Classroom

School Certificates

It’s important to instill a culture of appreciation and recognition in the classroom. Certificates are a great way to showcase that recognition for students and their achievements.

Here are five ways you can use certificates in the classroom to boost student engagement and morale.

Top 5 Ways to Use Certificates in the Classroom

Perfect Attendance

Classic, but important to encourage! Present a certificate that students can display proudly for taking their education seriously and having perfect attendance!

Mock Awards

Have a little fun and recognize your students for non-traditional wins. Use these student mock awards for inspiration!

Acts of Kindness Awards

Reward kind behavior given to other classmates by handing out kindness award certificates because kindness really makes a difference!


Top of the Class Grade Awards

Good students deserve recognition. Handing out honor roll certificates is a great way to boost morale and incentivize top grades.

Way to be a Friend Award

Awarded to those that encourage their peers rather than tear them down. Let’s promote positivity!

Other Fun Ways to Show Appreciation

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