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50 Award Titles That Give You the Perfect Words

50 Award Titles

Award Titles and Words of Gratitude/Encouragement for Every Occasion

Finding the time and exact words to properly celebrate the sheer awesomeness of special people in our lives can prove to be quite difficult, especially in our current virtual and work from home world.

As humans, we thrive on physical connections and being able to hand someone a plaque, trophy, gift, or award certificate—we want to look that recipient directly in the eye, shake their hand or hug them, and say, “Thank you.”

We WILL be able to do that again, but don’t wait to celebrate achievements or show your gratitude. Time is of the essence, and recognition has never been more important.


Get Your Gratitude On

Since we do often feel challenged with words to capture that just-right sentiment, we’ve curated a nice, long list of inspirational and gratitude-filled verbiage and award ideas (along with some just-right products) to help get your gratitude on:

Award Title Ideas

  1. You are Essential: They’ve worked their tails off to ensure your business continues to thrive. Give the appreciation and encouragement they deserve with these three simple, but meaningful words.
  2. Volunteer of the Year Award
  3. Positively Awesome: A positive attitude is a powerful force. Tell them you appreciate their bright spirit.
  4. Excellence in ____________ (fill in the skill)
  5. Making the Difference
  6. You’re a Shooting Star: Shooting stars are rare, and so are loyal, dedicated employees. They’ll be over the moon with this sentiment.
  7. Essential Piece Award
  8. Honor Roll
  9. Certified in ____________ (fill in the skill)
  10. Most Improved
  11. _____________ Champion (fill in the skill)
  12. Commitment to Excellence
  13. Customer Service of the Year Award
  14. Your Skills are on Point: This assortment of Cheer pins is a quick way to plant the seeds of praise. And they’re easy to slip in a card and mail straight to your recipient’s home.
  15. Commitment to Service
  16. We’re Here Because You’re Here
  17. You Make the Difference
  18. You’re the Key to Our Success
  19. Student of the Month Award
  20. Shining Star
  21. Above and Beyond Award
  22. Best Friend Ever (and forever)
  23. Service Star: The customer-facing team member that has stayed tried and true through this tough year deserves a star of appreciation.
  24. You Make the Difference Every Day
  25. Certificate of Recognition
  26. You Complete Us: Throw it back to 1996 when Tom Cruise tells Renee Zellweger she makes him whole—just like how your new employee makes your team complete.
  27. Certificate of Achievement
  28. Commitment to Excellence Award
  29. Growing With Each Day: Growth is so important to recognize in your employees, so let them know they are truly appreciated!
  30. Rookie of the Year Award
  31. You are Solid Gold
  32. Best Teacher of All Time: Every teacher needs a little lift and extra love. Show them you sincerely appreciate all they do with these thoughtful words.
  33. Certificate of Completion
  34. Thanks for Being a Light in the World
  35. Outstanding Leadership Award
  36. Attitude is Everything: This perfect sentiment on a perfect, engravable plaque is spot-on for that employee who always focuses on the positive.
  37. Academic Star
  38. Perfect Attendance
  39. Above & Beyond
  40. Thanks for Making my Day
  41. Excellence in_______________(fill in the blank) Award
  42. You’re an Essential Piece
  43. You Radiate Pure Awesome
  44. Grateful for you and all you do: Saying you’re grateful for a friend, teacher, or employee goes a long way. Double down those words with a thought-filled gift.
  45. Your Skills are What Legends are Made of
  46. You’re 100 Kinds of Awesome
  47. Dedicated Service Award
  48. You Really Shine
  49. Years of Service Award
  50. MVP

From simply dropping a quick note on someone’s desk or sending a trophy in the mail to having a company-wide appreciation event, what matters most to people is what you say and how you say it. Every employee is unique and recognition looks different to each and every one of them. Be mindful; be thoughtful; be generous; and celebrate them all fully!

We’re here to kick start your recognition process, so reach out to us! We’re always on a mission to inspire and deliver the best appreciation products out there.

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