Administrative Professionals Save the Day! Be Sure You Make Their Day!

March 12, 2013

Our admins are our lifeblood. They keep us going. They keep us on track. They answer the call. They do it all. 

Administrative Professional's Day is right around the corner. Do you have a plan?

If not, never fear! We’ve got 5 great ideas for celebrating your Admin Professional Superheroes!

This year, don't say it with flowers. If you've done flowers before, change it up! Flowers are the obvious choice to celebrate your Administrative Professionals, so it's important not to overuse it. So, think beyond the petals and wow them with some new office supplies, a gift set, or a piece of drinkware.  Choose the sentiment that best fits their personality, and it's sure to be a hit! One that will last longer than seven days!


Take note. Admin Professionals are organized by nature. They are copious note-takers. Present them with a personalized journal in honor of your appreciation. But don't stop there! Make the journal a truly meaningful gift by leaving a personalized, handwritten note on the first page. Make it personal and write from the heart. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way!


Make it Spactacular! Give the gift of health and relaxation with a day at the spa! Your Admin Professionals will thank you for giving them what they deserve most - a little R&R outside of the office!


Create some family fun! Give When we put in long hours at the office, our families feel it, too. Show your Admin Professional's family that you appreciate them, too, with a gift that the whole family can enjoy! Tickets to a local concert or show, a weekend's stay at a local hotel or resort, or dinner and a movie are some ideas to get you started.


Refuel. Take your Admin Professionals out to a well-deserved, leisurely lunch. Sit back, enjoy some non-work conversation, and have some fun!

As long as you take some time, make it personal, and show your genuine appreciation, your Administrative Professionals will thank you, and continue to work hard for you—every day. Cheers!

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