Grow Their Gratitude with Perpetual Awards

March 30, 2022 Scott Gillis

Today we want to talk about Perpetual Awards. These stand out pieces of art have many benefits for enhancing employee recognition. But first...
What are perpetual awards? Perpetual awards are often used by organizations and businesses that want to present the same award each year but recognize a new recipient/winner each time. Personalized versions are also common as they can note years of service and be presented to the employee to take home or display on their desks.
Perpetual awards are a wonderful way of creating a permanent legacy of recognition and thanks in honor of your recipients and their accomplishments. Unlike standard trophies or plaques, perpetual trophies are thought to reflect the integrity and class of an organization with the ability of the award to grow over time showing your employees loyal service to the organization.
So, what do perpetual trophies look like? Let us start with by far our most popular trophy design.
Our Designed for Growth Perpetual Trophy stands out from the rest, letting employees reach new heights with this stately and stackable award trophy. When gifting you start the foundation with a base and a top. You can personalize the top with your company logo and the base with three lines of personalization making this truly one of a kind. As the year or accomplishments go on, add inserts, and customize the engraving to make this award truly their own
A close second and just as elegant is our Stacked Success Perpetual Trophy. This modern take on a stackable trophy gives you the opportunity to design the background image for each cube allowing an artistic touch to come shining through. Same with our Designed for Growth Trophy as your recipient grows within the company so too does their award! This one-of-a-kind trophy truly takes customization to new heights.

Stacked Success Perpetual Trophy from Baudville Brand on Vimeo.

Last but certainly not least is our Walnut Perpetual Plaque. This classic perpetual award has been a staple in our line-up for 15 years! Create your own perpetual award plaque with this professional award system! The top portion of the walnut plaque comes engraved with your choice of one of 14 graphic sentiments and the option to add up to 3 lines of text under the graphic.
Employee appreciation in the workplace is considered as integral to the success of an organization as the profits the company makes. When employees feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work and contributions to the betterment of the organization they feel a larger sense of connection to their peers, their work, and the company as a whole.
Perpetual awards stand out and stand tall above many of our award offerings simply due to its unique styling, customizable options, and personalization options. While a shared team award is nice, which you can get with our plaque, a stackable trophy that sits proudly on one’s desk is a constant reminder of the impact that employee has on your culture. This in turn can lead to increased productivity and engagement, greater employee enjoyment at work, improved team culture, increased retention, and higher loyalty.
What makes a perpetual award interesting is their unique combination of longevity and adaptability. With a perpetual award, you get the benefit of a durable, long-lasting display that will withstand the test of time and hopefully increase the longevity of the standout employee in your organization.
For more in-depth reading, check out our other blog posts from the Baudville Recognition Hub focusing on key subjects such as onboarding and recognizing a teammates year of service.
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