Take Time to Recognize on Administrative Professional’s Day!

April 15, 2010

It was about 10 years ago that I decided to up and quit my job as a manager at a mortgage company to pursue my dream of being a writer. But, not surprisingly, I didn’t magically get a writing job, just because I decided I wanted it.


I actually had to start over completely, and did so by taking an entry level regional administrator position at a software development company. Over night, I went from being in control of everyone and everything, to answering to anyone who asked anything of me. From making coffee to making copies, I was everybody’s go-to for getting it done.


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There’s nothing like a complete role reversal to make you appreciate all the little things that happen around you that you previously thought just happened. Or, honestly, didn’t think about at all.


While stepping into their shoes is a surefire way to appreciate the work your administrative professionals do, it’s not a requirement. But having been in those shoes myself, I can tell you that showing your appreciation for these miracle-workers should be a requirement.


It’s tough to have everyone in the company essentially be your boss. Not to mention navigating all the different personalities, diplomatically deciding whose priority is really the highest priority (and somehow getting everything done when it turns out they all are), and seamlessly switching from one task to another—all with a big smile and the patience of a saint. 


Look around you. If everything is running like clockwork, there’s undoubtedly an administrative professional behind the scenes making every second count.  


Sound like anyone you know? 


Administrative Professional’s Day is celebrated the fourth Thursday in April every year. Don’t miss an opportunity to say thank you!


Your busy admins will love gifts they can use. Present your office wonder with some new office supplies, a gift set, or a handy travel mug. Most importantly, don’t forget the card! Make it extra special by asking everyone to sign it!

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