10 Strategies to Propel Your Employee Recognition Program Full-Speed Ahead

February 3, 2016

Stay Focused
Remember your employee recognition program’s importance.

Don’t Let Up
Keep the momentum going with picnics, pot-lucks, ice cream socials, crazy tie Fridays. A break from business as usual can foster great enthusiasm and encourage team building.

Broadcast It
Post updates on your employee recognition program on the bulletin board. Print it in the newsletter. Insert it in payroll envelopes. E-mail it to every computer. Write it with a friendly, little note. Announce it in meetings. Keep at it!

Add a new twist to what you’re already doing. Highlight different departments with “spiffs.” Reward every error-free memo for a week, the department with best attendance for a month. Employees will love the show of appreciation and employee motivation will improve!

Track it
By documenting your employee recognition program’s progress, you can create rationale for continuing, note areas for improvement, and justify budget increases.

Show-off Your Recognition Theme
If your employee recognition program is working, other departments or locations should know about it.

More, More, More
Expand on what works. Help other managers or supervisors implement the employee recognition program in their group.

Turn It Up
After your employee recognition program has run smoothly for a while, add activities, award celebrations or periodic incentives.

Listen and Learn
Poll employees. How do they suggest you expand or improve your employee recognition program?

Rally Around a Theme
For example, an Olympic “Go for the Gold” could include your own corporate Olympics.

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