10 Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

April 25, 2011

Here are 10 Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas to get you started on a great event this year!


1. Celebrate with a recognition theme! Select a recognition theme to coordinate all your gifts, communication, and activities for Teacher Appreciation Week. It will make the week more effective and memorable for the teachers.


2. Present awards to teachers. Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportune time to present awards at your school. Your awards can be formal, like a Teacher of the Year award, or fun and include everyone, like a peer-to-peer traveling trophy award.


3. Hang signs throughout the school. Say thank you across the halls and walls of your school by hanging “Thank you!” signs.


4. Write a handwritten thank you note. Teachers still desire personal thank you notes from parents, students, and co-workers. Write a note to your favorite teacher and mail it to the school for Teacher Appreciation Week.


5. Students can make thank you cards, too. As a class activity, all the students can make a personal thank you note for their teacher and deliver it during Teacher Appreciation Week.


6. Favorite treat surprise. Surprise your teacher with one of her favorite treats in the morning, like a cup of coffee from her favorite coffee shop, donut, or fresh fruit salad.


7. Make a donation in honor of your teacher. For a lasting and meaningful Teacher Appreciation Week idea, make a donation to your teacher’s favorite charity in her honor.


8. Provide lunch. Treat all the teachers to lunch during Teacher Appreciation Week. You can either have the event catered by a local restaurant or ask parents to contribute to a potluck.


9. Host a party. Invite the principal and school board members to join all the teachers for a celebratory Teacher Appreciation Week reception at the school cafeteria. Ask them to say a few things about the teachers!


10. Give a gift to remember the celebration. The best parties and appreciation events give the recipients a small gift to help them remember the event. Give your teachers a small token of your appreciation, like a special notepad, coffee mug, or certificate.


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