25 Boss's Day Gift Ideas

September 18, 2012

Boss's Day takes place annually on October 16, and it's a great opportunity to give your boss some much needed appreciation. Recognize your boss with a small gift that is personalized to his or her interests.


The Best Gifts For Boss's Day

1. Make your boss's favorite baked-good item - or pick it up from a local bakery!

2. Get an item related to your boss's hobby, such as a gift certificate to a driving range or baking class.

3. Order a personalized gift with your boss's name engraved on it.

4. Take your boss out to lunch at his/her favorite restaurant.

5. An executive pen will help your boss exude style in their next meeting.

6. Save them a trip to the coffee pot and surprise them with their favorite cup of Joe in the morning.

7. A personalized travel mug will keep their coffee fresh and hot for hours. Pair it with a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop!

8. Brighten up their desk and bring some Zen to their space with a desktop plant.

9. Treat your boss to an ice cream cone or fro-yo after lunch.

10. Gift an engraved picture frame that can hold a personal photo.

11. Pick up a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant your boss can enjoy with a friend or spouse.

12. Bring your boss bagels or donuts for breakfast in the morning.

13. Make a donation in your boss's name to their favorite charity or alma mater.

14. Collaborate with the team to create a gift basket full of treats and goodies your boss will enjoy, like small snacks, gum, magazines, or a book from a favorite author.

15. A desktop clock from the entire team will commemorate Boss's Day.

16. Pick out a silver or novelty business card holder, an executive gift that is stylish and useful.

17. Shop for a game or toy for your boss to enjoy with his or her family.

18. Does your boss usually pack her lunch? Treat her to a new lunch bag.

19. Select a perpetual calendar for your boss's desktop that promotes a leadership message.

20. Choose a journal your boss can use to jot all their brilliant ideas down.

21. Order tickets to a sports event, theater performance, or concert.

22. Bring your boss a bouquet of flowers or a potted house plant.

23. Get your boss a gift card to the movie theater so they can go see a new release they have been waiting for!

24. If your boss is crazy about his or her car, buy a car detailing package from a local dealership. Working with a small budget? Wash the car yourself!

25. Fill a glass jar with your boss's favorite kind of candy or snack that he can keep on their desk. Include an extra bag of treats to make this gift extra special!


Recognize your boss' during Boss Day 2017!

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