4 Tips to Keep Employee Recognition a Priority this Summer

July 18, 2011

In Michigan, our summer weather is the cause of many distracted afternoons in the office. Employees practically have to drag themselves back into the building after a lunch hour spent in the sun!

Summer can be a difficult season to stay focused. Vacations, warm weather, and fun in the sun are all on employees’ minds, but managers can boost morale and engagement indoors by treating their team to a few special summer perks and keeping employee recognition a top priority.


1. Go Casual. Summer is a more casual season, so reward your employees with a more casual dress code during the steamy summer months. Make every Friday a jean and flip flop day or declare the entire summer casual. Employees will love the reduced wardrobe stress, and they’ll feel more comfortable all summer long.


2. Plan a Summer Team Event. Keep your team engaged by planning a fun event out of the office. Be secretive about your plans and slowly leak information over the course of a few weeks to build suspense. You can even email clues to the entire team on a regular basis to keep them on their toes. They’ll be trying to guess what you have planned!

Your summer team event can be anything: an afternoon playing mini-golf, a scavenger hunt in a park, or a badminton tournament in the lawn of your building. Whatever you have planned, your team will love the break from their daily routine, and it will provide valuable team building and employee recognition opportunities, too.


3. Practice Peer Recognition. Employee recognition can boost your team’s morale by expressing appreciation for their contributions. Get the entire team involved in the recognition efforts by starting a peer-to-peer recognition program.

Peer-to-peer recognition allows everyone in the organization or team to recognize anyone else. Recognition happens up, down, and across the organization. And with so many more givers of recognition, there will be much more appreciation going around!


4. Rally Around a Cause. The summer is a popular time for charity golf outings, fundraiser walks, 5k races, and more, so get your team involved by supporting a cause. Set a team goal to raise a certain amount of money for your charity of choice, and work toward that goal all summer. Get creative with your fundraising! Host a bake sale for the entire company or put on a corn hole tournament and charge a small entry fee. Your team will love the challenge and get excited about helping others! Create custom team t-shirts for the event to generate a greater feeling of team and camaraderie. 

We tend to get a lot more casual and laid back in the summer, and we can easily forget about the importance of employee morale and engagement. But when you stay focused on employee recognition, you can create a work culture where employees will want to come to work – even in the summer!

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