5 Team Building Ideas to Encourage

February 11, 2016

Recognition is an important part of a team building strategy. By recognizing your team and empowering teammates to recognize one another, they will feel more committed to the team and their peers. Here are five team building ideas to encourage your team:


1. Peer-to-Peer Recognition
An easy and effective way to introduce recognition to your team is through a peer-to-peer recognition system. Shout Outs is a customer favorite because it’s easy to use and popular with teams. Simply set up the display in a common location. When you want to recognize a teammate, tear off a note, write your praise, and post it on a bulletin board. Your teammate will see the note on the bulletin board along with the rest of the team, and the public recognition is incredibly effective at reinforcing desired behaviors.



2. Provide Recognition Tools for Everyone
You can create a recognition station in addition to a peer-to-peer recognition program. Use an empty desk or workstation and stock it with small tokens of praise, recognition tools, and other fun stuff. You can use our Kit and Caboodle as one of the resources available to your team. Print out several copies of our Print and Posts and have them in a folder for teammates to use. Link to ePraise on our website from your intranet and encourage teammates to send one another free ecards to say thank you. There are lots of small, low cost items you can add to your recognition station, and providing a variety of tools enables individuals to express their appreciation in creative and meaningful ways.



3. Traveling Trophy
Encourage your team to have fun with recognition by introducing a traveling trophy. A traveling trophy can be anything – an actual award trophy, a stuffed animal, a framed photo of your CEO – that gets passed from person to person. Start the traveling trophy yourself in a team meeting by sharing the kinds of behaviors the trophy will honor, whether it’s helping out a teammate or putting in extra effort. Announce the winner and share a specific example of how she earned the trophy. Next week, she repeats the process and passes the trophy on to the next person.



4. Host a Celebration
When your team hits a major milestone or exceeds their goal, throw a celebration for them! Honor the accomplishment with snacks and a social time for the team. Sometimes your team needs a pick-me-up between goals, too. Celebrate recognition holidays together. You can get ideas for recognition events on our Recognition Event Calendar. For example, National Doughnut Day was the first Friday in June, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating next week! Or celebrate the first day of summer with a summer picnic. Provide the burgers and hot dogs, and ask your team to contribute a potluck. Enjoy the beautiful weather, good food, and good company!



5. Go Off Site
Getting out of the office is a treat for…well, everyone! Get your team out of the building for some team activities that will strengthen their trust and their relationships. Go to a park and have your team work together on a scavenger hunt. Let them know that if they complete it in a certain amount of time, they can leave work early for the day or earn free lunch the following week. Arrange to visit a ropes course for the day and build trust as your team works its way through obstacles and challenges together. Getting out of the office helps everyone relax and creates a more conducive environment for relationship building. Plus, it’s a great way to reward your team for meeting a goal, working diligently on a project, or landing a new client.

Team Building Ideas to Motivate, Engage, and Encourage


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