50 Reasons to Recognize

February 8, 2010

Giving day-to-day recognition can be intimidating for managers who aren’t sure what behaviors to recognize. Using our 50 reasons to recognize as a reference, managers will have an idea of the kinds of behaviors that are recognition-worthy.

This list is only the beginning of behaviors that may reinforce your organizational values and goals.

Use it as a guide to get recognition started, then keep your own list of reasons to recognize to train yourself to spot recognizable behaviors every day!

  1. For the smile that’s always there
  2. Hands that are always willing to help
  3. A creative idea
  4. Consistent quality work
  5. Continuous improvement
  6. An extra-mile effort
  7. Meeting the goal
  8. Surpassing the goal
  9. A winning attitude
  10. Support
  11. Loyalty
  12. Punctuality
  13. Cost-conscious behavior
  14. Being part of the team
  15. Solving a problem
  16. Commitment to the customer
  17. Service with a smile
  18. A “whatever it takes” philosophy
  19. Strong leadership
  20. Having the vision to make it happen
  21. Perseverance
  22. Big dreams
  23. For being fast and efficient
  24. Making the commitment
  25. For doing everything that’s asked…and then some
  26. Accepting a challenge
  27. Seizing the opportunity
  28. Overcoming insurmountable odds
  29. Doing it right the first time
  30. For believing and then succeeding
  31. For “never quitting”
  32. Being committed to the safety of others
  33. Thinking ahead
  34. Being a tactful manager
  35. Managing time wisely
  36. Motivating others
  37. For having superior skills and ability
  38. Having the courage to push ahead
  39. Always expecting to win
  40. Outstanding achievement
  41. Making tough choices
  42. Staying well-read and informed
  43. Overcoming fears and failure
  44. Always giving of time and effort
  45. Ethical behavior
  46. Being committed to team efforts
  47. Accepting responsibility
  48. For attendance
  49. For blazing new trails
  50. Teaching others

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