Appreciation Gifts that Make a Lasting Impact

March 19, 2012

When you give appreciation gifts, you want to make a lasting impact on the recipient. Appreciation gifts should convey how much you value their time, effort, and contributions. As you can tell, selecting the right gift is critical! If you give an appreciation gift that is a poor fit for the individual, it can have a negative impact – it can actually make the individual feel unappreciated! 

For appreciation gifts to be effective and long lasting it should be sincere, personal, and timely. It’s important that you know the gift recipient and understand what they will find valuable. We’ve put together four appreciation gift suggestions that will help you recognize every member of your team!

Thank You Themed Appreciation Gifts
Thank You Recognition Themes
An appreciation gift that says “we appreciate you” ensures you get your message of appreciation across. Every time the recipient looks at your gift, they’ll be reminded of your appreciation. With so many themed items to choose from, you can find the right appreciation gift for everyone. Themed appreciation gifts are great for events, too. The carefully written verse says it all for you! 

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Engraved Desktop Appreciation Gifts

Effective appreciation is personal for your recipient, so giving an appreciation gift personalized with their name makes a big impact. For example, engraved clocks are popular appreciation gifts for retiring employees or dedicated volunteers as they are a practical, symbolic, and personal to the recipient. You can also engrave a name on an engraved photo frame and insert a picture of the entire team. The small touches can make the biggest impact with appreciation gifts!

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Lapel Pin Appreciation Gifts
Lapel Pin Appreciation Gifts
If your budget is tight or you’re giving appreciation gifts to a large group, choose lapel pins. You have can make this gift personal and memorable in many ways! You can select a different design for each recipient, or choose a Character Pin and read the award verse aloud at an appreciation event. For a truly unique appreciation gift, create a custom lapel pin with your organization’s logo and appreciation theme.

Recipients will save and collect the lapel pin appreciation gifts they  receive! 

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Note Card Appreciation Gifts

An appreciation gift doesn’t have to be a typical gift item. Many individuals would prefer to receive a personal note from a colleague over a gift! Purchase a set of appreciation themed note cards and carefully write a note to the individual that details what you appreciate. Although not commonly considered appreciation gifts, sincere hand written note cards can be the greatest gift of all! 

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