Ask the Genie: Are You Unsure What to Give?

April 17, 2014

Make Great Connections with Gifts Everyone Will Love!

You’ve been there. You see a product you love and you want to buy it, but you have no idea what you’d do with it. (Like that sequined whatchamacallit at the downtown boutique…? Hmmm.) Well, here at Baudville, every item you see has been expertly developed with purpose, meaning, and practicality in mind. Whether it’s what to do for event giveaways, employee appreciation, or raising morale—there’s an answer that’s just a click away. Want to see what we mean?


Choose a Theme.

Many Baudville products are rooted in themes. Why? Because when it comes to giving recognition gifts, the message is just as important—or maybe more—than the gift itself. If you’re giving gifts that you know your team members will use or display in their workspaces, then the sentiment they see every day should be impactful, meaningful, and relevant. Do you need to send a universal message of appreciation to your team? Are loyalty and dedication high on your list of values? Does making a difference matter more than ever to your organization? Do you want to promote the importance of service excellence? There’s a gift for that!


Opt for Useful Gifts.

Once you’ve chosen a theme, the next step is to find items that you know your team members will keep close at hand or carry with them wherever they go. Desktop gifts, like pens and pen sets, photo frames, and note holders all offer function as well as motivating and inspiring messages. If your team members are on the move, then you can send the same purposeful message, but with items that go where they go, like drinkware and tote bags. If you’re still not quite sure, you can always check out our top-rated products to see what others are shopping for and loving!


Present with Sincerity.

We would be remiss if we left out this important element of gift giving! You’ve made the effort to pick out employee gifts that will show your appreciation, spread some smiles, or instill a sense of value—now, follow up with a memorable delivery. You might want to gather your team and give a brief talk about the what and why of your gift-giving moment. When your team understands the meaning behind the gifts they receive, they’ll carry that concept with them every day going forward.

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