Creative Volunteer Thank You Gift

February 17, 2016
Surprise your volunteers with this creative thank you gift! Compile a combination of the items listed below and print out a list of all the items and what they mean on border paper. This collection of thoughtful gifts makes a memorable volunteer thank you gift! 

Tape Measure – You really measure up!

Heart (this can be made out of chocolate, a lapel pin, or figurine) – Thank you for sharing your caring heart with us!
Balloon – With you, we can go above and beyond!
Fortune Cookie – We’re very fortunate to have you!
100 Grand Candy Bar – You’re priceless to us!
Seeds – We’re glad to be growing with you!
Box of Raisins – Thanks for raisin’ us to new heights!
Gloves – Giving you a warm round of applause for all that you do!
Mints: Thanks for your commitMINT! 
Paperclips (look for fun shapes!) – Your efforts hold us together.
Post-it Notes – Thanks for sticking with us!
Paper Air Plane – Thanks to you, we soar to new heights!
Assorted Nuts – We’re nuts about you!
Mirror – You’re looking at the world’s best volunteer!
Cookie Cutter – Your work shapes lives!
Crayons – You make the world a brighter place
Toothpick – Thanks for picking us!

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