Employee Appreciation Matters Now More than Ever

October 12, 2009

The holidays are an important time for expressing employee appreciation. We commonly labor over selecting the appropriate gift for our kid’s teacher, neighbors, even our mail carrier. Why would we forget to appreciate our teams? 

Expressing employee appreciation at the end of the year is an important way to thank employees for their contributions and encourage them for the year ahead. After all, a New Year and new goals are just around the corner! We've put together some of our favorite appreciation ideas that are easy to coordinate with your team. Whether you decide to throw an elaborate party or host appetizers in the break room appreciation that's sincere is the most effective!

Employee Appreciation Ideas for the Holidays:

Employee Event.
 Corporate holiday parties are a common expression of employee appreciation. Events don’t have to be grand; rather, a team lunch and a few extra hours off can be meaningful when the employee appreciation is sincere.

New Employee Recognition Program. Let your staff know the employee recognition programs aren’t gone for good by introducing a new recognition program at the end of the year. When you first introduce your program, you’ll experience a surge of interest and enthusiasm. Use the high levels of participation to involve every team member in the act of employee appreciation.

A Gift of Appreciation. Employees will remember your appreciation for their efforts when it’s given with a tangible gift. Employee appreciation gifts given during the holidays are a sincere gesture that let employees know you noticed all the hard work they put in during the year.

Introduce Fun Team Awards. To help boost employee morale, introduce some levity into your employee appreciation efforts this year. Have managers give individual awards to each member of their team. Certificates or affordable trophies make great awards and employee appreciation events. Sample award titles could be “Faithful Filler of Copy Paper” or “Coffee Maker Extraordinaire.” You can also have more serious awards such as the “Team Player Award” or “Master Multi-Tasker.”

Download our Sample Employee Recognition Award Certificate Titles for more ideas.


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