Employee Holiday Gifts Express Value of Appreciation

October 27, 2009

Reviewing the successes and accomplishments of the year often brings to mind key employees who made it all happen. Let employees know you appreciated all the hard work and effort they put into the past year by giving employee holiday gifts.


Say Thank You.
Saying thank you – literally – to employees at the end of the year can positively impact employee morale. At the end of a hard year, employees need to hear that the company appreciates their efforts and achievements. Take time out at a corporate holiday party or staff meeting to say thank you to employees. Make it memorable by sharing success stories about each employee or team from the year.


Give a Gift.

Expressing appreciation is always more impactful when it is accompanied by a tangible item. Taking the time to select a gift speaks volumes to the recipient. It can be as simple as a beautifully designed greeting card or a new accessory for the desk.

When selecting employee holiday gifts, be sure to carefully consider employee preferences. Ask these questions when selecting gifts for your staff.

  • Should your gift be personalized for each recipient? 
  • Does it need to have your logo on it? 
  • Should it be something they can enjoy with family?
  • Do you want it to be something they can use or display at work?


Presentation Counts.
You’re saying thank you. You’ve selected the perfect gift. Now give a great presentation. Similar to formal awards, the way you present employee holiday gifts will be an indicator of the sincerity behind the gesture. We have a few suggestions for making a great presentation, but don’t stop here! Let your creative side go wild!

  • Have managers give employee holiday gifts one-on-one with each employee. Use the opportunity to give each employee praise for a job well done this year.
  • A grand unveiling of the gifts will impress all your employees. At either a staff meeting or a corporate holiday event, set up a display of the gifts and cover them until it’s time for “the big reveal.”
  • If your employees can’t get away from their desks or workstations, hand-deliver each gift. Send a message to all employees letting them know company leaders or managers will be delivering a special holiday surprise to them at a specific time. This is a great way to give employees one-on-one face time with key company leaders.


Employee Holiday Gift Ideas.

Don’t know where to start looking for employee holiday gifts? Here are a few suggestions from Baudville:

Want more great ideas?


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