Four Ideas for Celebrating Volunteers during National Volunteer Week

March 12, 2012

April is National Volunteer Month, and the third week of April is celebrated as National Volunteer Week. Organizations celebrate National Volunteer Week differently, and over the past few years we've been privileged to help some great non-profit organizations plan their volunteer appreciation events. The most important detail to remember when planning your volunteer appreciation event is to make it personal and meaningful to your volunteers.


Here are four ideas that have been a huge hit for National Volunteer Week:


1. Volunteer Appreciation Event.

Many organizations host a small reception or luncheon to recognize their volunteers during National Volunteer Week. To make your event successful, use a theme to coordinate your gifts, decorations, and messaging. Visit our Recognition Resource Center to read the case study of a library that celebrated volunteer with an Essential Piece theme luncheon


2. Volunteer Appreciation Awards.

When you have all your volunteers together during National Volunteer Week, take advantage of the large audience to recognize their hard work. Present all volunteers with a certificate to thank them for their efforts, and present award trophies to individuals with an outstanding number of service hours. Click here to get ideas for volunteer certificate titles and verses.


3. Mail a Volunteer Thank You Gift.

It can be difficult—if not nearly impossible!—to get all your volunteers together at one time, but it’s still vital to recognize their contributions. You can do volunteer appreciation from afar by mailing a thank you card or small gift to your volunteers’ homes. 

Just be sure to choose a practical gift that has an appreciation message for the biggest bang for your buck out of your volunteer appreciation gift. Shop Volunteer Appreciation Week Gifts now.

4. Share Public Volunteer Appreciation.

Let the whole world know about your awesome volunteers by shouting their praises! There are lots of free and low-cost ways to appreciate volunteers: 

  • Write a press release about National Volunteer Week and how your organization is celebrating volunteers. 
  • Send a letter to the editor about the difference your volunteers make in the community. 
  • Mail letters to volunteers’ employers that express how grateful you are that their employee contributes time to your organization. 
  • Design a social media campaign on your star volunteers. Each day during National Volunteer Week, spotlight a different volunteer on your blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook timeline.

Sharing the praises of your volunteers publically will let them know how much you appreciate them during National Volunteer Week!

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