How to Be A Day Maker

February 9, 2016 Kimberly Horn

Regardless of your industry or organization type, at one time or another your employees have reported low levels of employee morale, job satisfaction and engagement. At Baudville, we believe organizations can turn those numbers around by making employees’ days. We know from experience that receiving a thoughtful piece of recognition, like a handwritten note, can really make someone’s day. That’s why our day-to-day recognition tools are so popular with customers – everyone who receives one loves it!

You can create a more positive and successful work culture by becoming a Day Maker in your organization. Just follow these tips!

- More than payday. The first step to being a Day Maker is knowing that recognition needs to happen on days other than payday. Strive to make someone’s day every day! Commit to writing a handwritten note to someone once a week and keep your note cards in plain site as a friendly reminder. You’ll soon see that the appreciation is contagious!


- Express sincerity. As you get in the habit of making someone’s day on a regular basis, be sure to keep your tone sincere. To help, create a list of behaviors that you want to see from your team on a regular basis. These should be behaviors that contribute to your goals. When you catch a team member in the act, give them a note or small token of your appreciation.


- Have fun. Being a Day Maker has serious results, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be serious! Choose fun tools to express your appreciation, like products from our Exclamations recognition theme, or do something different for your team. Surprise everyone by bringing in a treat to share or putting on a team event. Getting the entire team together allows them to make each other’s day, too!

Giving employees a personal note and a keepsake of appreciation can really make their day!


Quick Tips

  • Being a Day Maker is simple yet impactful. Try out a few of these easy ideas in your organization!
  • Stopping by a co-worker’s desk? Take the time to find out how she’s doing!
  • Making someone’s day should always be personal. Write a handwritten note or ePraise!
  • Add a fun Peel and Stick note to a paycheck, memo or print out.
  • Commit a random act of kindness. Bring a co-worker his favorite coffee in the morning!
  • Make everyone a Day Maker with Shout Outs peer-to-peer recognition program.


Best Practices

To effectively train other Day Makers at your organization, start giving recognition yourself first. As people see how a small touch of recognition makes someone’s day, they’ll want to be involved, too. That’s when you give them easy-to-use tools and some training. Allow individuals to pick the day-to-day recognition tools or recognition themes that they feel most comfortable with. This will help them remain dedicated and excited about day making!

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