How to Create School Awards: 25 Questions to Ask in the Award Creation Process

February 11, 2016

Creating a school award involves seizing the opportunity to catch someone doing something right. Your award should recognize teachers, staff, students, or volunteers for behaviors that further the goals and mission of your school or school district.

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To help you create a meaningful school award, here’s a series of questions you should ask to ensure your school award will promote the future you envision for your school.

1. What do you want to enhance or promote in your district or school?
2. What are your major areas of focus?
3. Who are the potential recipients?
4. Is there a large enough pool of potential recipients?
5. How inclusive will the award be?
6. Is the award simple in format?
7. What are the long-range implications of the award?
8. What will you name the award?
9. What will be the substance of the award?
10. How will people be nominated for the award?
11. Will there be a form used for nominations?
12. What will the criteria be for selection?
13. Who will select the recipient and what process of selection will be used?
14. Will there be a community sponsor for this award?
15. How will the recipient be notified that they have been selected to receive the award?
16. How will the recipient be prepared for the presentation?
17. How will peers and the general public be informed that this individual is receiving the award?
18. How will the presenters be briefed about their role in the presentation of the award?
19. Who will generate a program describing the award presentation?
20. Who will acknowledge the friends and family who have accompanied the recipient and how and when will this be done?
21. Will the recipient’s name, the award received, and the date of the award be recorded on a perpetual plaque or in some type of register for posterity?
22. Who will prepare the news releases and to what media agencies will the material be released?
23. Who will ask the recipient if they would like a copy of the notification letter in their personnel file and see that it is included there?
24. Who will express appreciation to the sponsor for underwriting the award for the year?
25. How will input be solicited for suggestions or modifications to the award? 

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