How-to Genie: Are You Unsure How to Recognize Your Team?

April 17, 2014

Give the Right Recognition at the Right Time!

Depending on your organization's culture, you may be unsure what kind of recognition program is the best fit. Some companies take a loose and informal approach, while others stick with tradition and maintain structured activities throughout the year. Neither is right or wrong, but what we've learned is that it's not about either-or—it's about doing a little bit of everything! This "big days, little days, and every day in-between" method helps keep momentum and morale up throughout the year. Want to learn how it's done?

Keep an Eye on the Calendar.

During the year, there are special appreciation holidays that are designed with workplace recognition in mind. Employee Appreciation Day and Customer Service Week are two of the biggest, but there are many industry-specific events as well. Check out our Event Calendar to see which ones apply to yours! No matter which holidays you celebrate, keepsake thank you gifts are an important element. We love drinkware because, let's face it, everyone drinks…something! Useful giveaways are always the best giveaways.

Recognize Service Anniversaries.

Employee anniversaries are an excellent way to express appreciation for loyalty and commitment—and because everyone who has worked with you at least a year will have one to celebrate at some point, you don't have to worry about issues of inequity. Whether your organization is large and has a budget to match, or small and looking for low-cost solutions, we have a program that answers your needs. Visit Service Awards to explore our entire range of options.

Fill in the Gaps with Peer Recognition.

Those who we work with most closely often know that most about the work we do, which is why co-worker recognition is so important. Shout Outs give teams the opportunity to show respect and appreciation for one-another, while also spotlighting the kinds of day-to-day activities and behaviors that may fly under the radar of managers. Because peer recognition can happen any day at any time, it's an ideal supplement to any program.

Be Ready On the Spot!

If you want the ability to be spontaneous at times and calculated at others, you need the right tools. Our Survival Kits fit that description to a T. Our dream set includes a Birthday Set, a Congrats Set, and a Thank You Set—but we're talking about you here, and your needs might be different. Either way, if you fill your kit with the sets that complement your culture and your other programs, you'll have all the resources to round out the year!

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