Make Holidays Memorable with Office Team Building Activities

October 6, 2008

Bring the spirit of the holidays into your workplace with office team building activities and events. Your team will enjoy the festive atmosphere, team building activities and look forward to coming to work during these highly-anticipated weeks! Below are several low-cost ideas you can implement for energized and engaged office team building activities this holiday season.


Department potluck
The holidays revolve around the sharing of great food! Bring this practice into the workplace by inviting every member of your department to bring a favorite side dish or dessert to share. The team will enjoy a fun lunch together sampling the various fares, and you won’t have to tap into your budget!

Volunteer as a Team
The holidays are a time of awareness of the many needs in the community. Recognize your team’s hard work all year long with afternoon offsite team building activities serving at a local soup kitchen or visiting residents at a nursing home.

Toy Drive Competition
Challenge your organization with toy drive team building activities! Each department will race to donate the most toys to charity. Departments will come together over the common purpose and enjoy the competition. Give the winning department frozen turkeys or fresh pies from a local bakery as prizes.

Decorating Contest
To create a festive atmosphere at work, encourage individuals to decorate their workstations with holiday flair. Make it a contest and have prizes for most creative, most decorations, and most unique. Invite employees’ families to tour the building and be present for the award ceremony. To get families really involved, let them act as judges and vote for their favorites!

Office Team Building Activities

Comfort Food! Get your group energized and thinking creatively with these fun team building activities!

Participants Required: 8-24

Time: 10 minutes
Supplies: Cardstock (8 ½” x 11”), colored markers



1. Give each person a piece of cardstock folded like a place card and provide colored markers.

2. Ask each person to think of her favorite comfort food, defined as:

            a. What you eat when you’ve had a rough day.

            b. What you eat when you deserve a treat, after an accomplishment.

            c. What you eat in the middle of the night when no one’s watching.

3. Tell the group your own comfort food to get them laughing. (Mine’s mayonnaise. With a spoon. Two scoops right in my mouth)

4. Ask everyone to write their comfort food on one side of the cardstock tent.

5. Go around in a circle and let everyone name his comfort food. Then, ask them to select a partner based on which comfort food would go well with theirs, and partner off.

6. Ask the pairs to take 3 minutes to brainstorm a party theme name which would be appropriate for serving their two comfort foods together. (For example, if ice cream and cookies were paired, the theme might be a “Vacation from Diets” party.) Have them write this on their cardstock tent.

7. Invite everyone to share their party themes and be amazed at the creativity you have in your group!


Shared Experience

Searching for a new idea? Wondering what everybody else is doing? The best place to get ideas for your recognition program is from your peers. Tell us what works for you and your team, and you may be our next Share Your Experiences feature!  

This month’s shared experience comes from Emma Jones, Site Director of St. Michael's YMCA of Central Ohio. To celebrate the upcoming holidays, Emma’s organization will be doing community service team building activities together. Thanks for the tip, Emma!

“We are making cards and painting wood pumpkin cut-outs in relation to the upcoming holiday for a nursing home. Also, the children who participate at the Arrowhead Elementary Y-Club are going to make fall related pictures for people at the local hospital.”


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