Recognition Tools Recognize Team Members Regularly

September 7, 2009

One of the most important elements of an employee recognition program is providing recognition tools peer-to-peer recognition can take place. Employee recognition doesn't need to be “sponsored” or even endorsed by upper management before it is deployed. Every employee should be empowered with recognition tools to share a sincere thank you!

A fully stocked recognition tool kit is key to turning your employee recognition program from a spectator sport to one in which everyone participates. Keep it packed with recognition tools including thank you notes, lapel pins, recognition tips and other low cost award items! Include low cost, user-friendly recognition tools  for anyone and everyone to convey appreciation to one another.

Make Employee Recognition Easy with Available Recognition Tools!
We often see valuable actions of our co-workers which deserve to be recognized. We have good intentions to write them a letter or certificate of appreciation, but get busy and forget.

To “get them while they're hot,” place holders with pre-printed recognition notes in high-traffic places in the work area. Mount your chosen recognition tools – thank you cards, cheerful change, milestones – next to copy machines, shared printers, fax machines or elevators. Supply two-part, perforated notes so that one side can be given to management. You'll see more peer recognition if you make it quick, easy and convenient.

Traveling Trophies as Recognition Tools
One of the best ways to stretch your employee recognition dollar is to invest in some “traveling” trophies! These “recyclable” treats are great at reducing costs and allow more people to share in the celebration. Imagine the fun of “passing” a trophy from one celebration to the next. Or the excitement of having recognition magically “appear” in a workstation or team area! Traveling trophies are an inexpensive recognition tool and a great way to kick start team building in your organization.

And remember, the most effective employee recognition is the kind that is sincere, timely and tied to a specific behavior, value, action or activity!

Suggestion Systems as Recognition Tools
A suggestion system can also be introduced as a recognition tool for your organization. Make it easy to make suggestions by placing suggestion boxes where people are and where they go. Have a dedicated email address where suggestions can be posted. Place an electronic suggestion form on your website. Send suggestion forms out with orders and checks.

Decide on rewards and recognition. Recognize suggestion makers and thank them for making the suggestion. Let them know what happened to their idea. Give small rewards that have meaning to the recipient; the real value is in the recognition. Reward ideas may include: movie tickets, restaurant vouchers, gift certificates, gas cards or time off.

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