Recognize your Frontline Employees during Customer Service Appreciation Week

September 8, 2008

Every year during the first week in October, thousands of customer service professionals are celebrated for the crucial role they play in the workplace during Customer Service Appreciation Week. As the face of a company, customer service professionals directly influence customer satisfaction and the customer’s future relationship with the company. Customer Service Appreciation Week celebrations should express both appreciation for their contribution and the importance of their position.

Although this Customer Service Appreciation Week is directed toward customer service professionals, make sure you recognize the role of other staff members and departments. Make Customer Service Appreciation Week a company-wide event! After all, every member of an organization plays a part in the end result – satisfying your customer.

Regardless of company size or budget, you can organize meaningful Customer Service Appreciation Week events and activities that your employees will all enjoy. Prepare recognition that fits the occasion. For stressful positions, offer relaxation and stress-relief rewards; chair massages, spa gift certificates, and catered lunch are favorite customer service professional rewards.

Here are a few more suggestions for meaningful Customer Service Appreciation Week celebrations:

Switch things up. Give customer service professionals the opportunity to spend time together as a team out of the office during Customer Service Appreciation Week. While the group goes to lunch or does an activity, have the management staff take over their duties.

Customer Service Appreciation Week Bingo. Create a custom Bingo card for your customer service professionals. For example, a call center Bingo card could have a square that says “customer from Maryland.” When an employee answers a call from a customer in Maryland, that square will get crossed off. Award prizes to the Bingo winners.

Use a theme. Plan your activities around a theme for Customer Service Appreciation week. Applying a theme to your celebrations will make planning easier, the events more fun, and your message – appreciation – more compelling.

Food & Fun. Create a festive atmosphere by catering lunch for the entire team or providing tasty afternoon snacks during Customer Service Appreciation Week. To make it more memorable, ask the executive or management staff to act as servers. 

The power of the written word. Write individual thank you notes to the customer service professionals in your office. This practice is inexpensive and takes very little time, but is one of the most desired forms of motivation employees crave.

Team Building Activity

Hats Off to You!

Create fun for a team during Customer Service Appreciation Week.

Participants Required: 4-20
Time: 20 minutes
Supplies: 11”x17” sheets of paper, crayons, markers, glue, colored paper, tape, feathers, ribbons, or anything colorful and fun which might be glued to a paper hat.


Prepare hats by folding 11”x17” sheets of paper into hats that can be decorated and worn. You’ll need one hat per person.

Write the names of all participants on pieces of paper and put into a hat.

Ask each person to draw a name, and then decorate a hat for the person whose name was drawn. Instruct participants to decorate the hat with symbols or words which symbolize that person’s strengths or skills. Fun things about the person can also be included. 

People may return to their work areas to make their concoctions in secret. 
Ask everyone to deliver the hat he made to his secret partner when it’s finished. 

Everyone wears his hat all day for a day that’s sure to be filled with smiles.

* This activity is featured in Team Up! a Recognition FUNdamentals book.

A Customer Experience

When planning week-long celebrations, like Customer Service Appreciation Week, it can be difficult to keep the enthusiasm and excitement growing. This month’s shared experience comes from a friend in Boise, Idaho, who shares a no-cost enthusiasm generator.

“People love odd trivia questions. When we have spirit week or week-long celebrations, I post a few trivia questions at the main bulletin board near the time clock every morning. We don’t give away any prizes for the right answers, but the questions provide something for people to talk about together. We post the answers the following day with a new question. Our staff loves it, and it keeps the enthusiasm going all week long.”


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