Teamwork Genie: Do You Need Help Getting Managers' Buy-In?

April 17, 2014

Demonstrate the Benefits by Accentuating the Positives!

Among your leadership team, you probably have quite the mix of personalities, attitudes, and techniques. Each of those individuals has been chosen to lead because they are effective, knowledgeable, and competent in their area of expertise. But managing others does not always come naturally to some; so, while they may be at the top of their game from an experience standpoint, they may not be quite as proficient in how they guide and nurture their teams. And, they may not realize how much they need to be. What can you do to help them get there?

Research by the Dale Carnegie Institute has revealed that 80% of employees who say they aren’t happy with their supervisors also report that they’re disengaged at work. If they’re disengaged, then they are ultimately less productive—which can have serious consequences for the success of your business.It may be difficult to know which relationships are struggling, but, if you can help your managers see the benefits of strengthening all of their relationships, you’ll see improvement on every level.

Getting their buy-in comes, in part, through providing them adequate training, tools, and resources, which will help them have more engaged and better performing teams. But, it also comes through the positive results they’ll see right away. They’ll feel good creating better connections, and their teams will feel good knowing they’re acknowledged. You can facilitate this upward spiral by:


Providing them with adequate training.

Many times managers know they need to give better feedback and recognition to their teams, but they don’t know how, or haven’t gotten into the habit of it. Our 30-Day Recognition Mission series includes a set for every level of management—from novices to top leaders who need a refresher. The sets come with helpful tips and prompts, a journal for making notes and logging their progress, and tools to use in giving recognition. In just 30 days, engaging more with their teams will be a part of their everyday routine!


Enlisting the help of more seasoned peers.

If your managers have a group of confidants they can rely on, they can help them work through challenges as well as share ideas and techniques. They’ll not only feel they have a support network, they’ll also gain valuable knowledge and experience. Encourage your managers to reach out to others in their leadership circle so they can learn first-hand the value that teamwork brings to their efforts.


Equipping them with easy-to-use tools.

Once they have the training and resources, they need to put their new skills to practice so they can start seeing the results! Supply your managers with Survival Kits or Cheers Kits,and they’ll have notes and keepsakes conveniently available at precisely the time they need them.

After your managers have gotten into the groove, check in with them regularly. By getting them to share their experiences and victories, you’ll help reinforce the importance of what their doing for their teams. In short, you’ll have their buy-in!

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