The Benefits of Recognizing Years of Service with Anniversary Lapel Pins

February 18, 2016
Do you have a years of service recognition program in place? If not, you’re behind your competitors and missing out on a valuable retention strategy! A recent WorldatWork survey found that 86% of companies have an employee recognition program in place, and the most common program celebrates years of service. 

Years of service recognition programs are executed in many different ways, but presenting anniversary lapel pins to the employee is a popular program choice. Anniversary lapel pins are affordable, have a trophy value, and make an impact on the recipient.

• Anniversary Lapel Pins are Affordable. Even companies on a tight budget can afford to recognize employees with anniversary lapel pins. The pins start at under $10 each and they promote the specific number of years the employee has worked at your organization. Present lapel pins to your employees in between the milestone years when they receive a larger gift, and consider presenting a certificate or letter from your organization’s leader with the lapel pin, too.

• Anniversary Lapel Pins have Display Value. Employees are proud of their years of service at an organization, and they are often eager to publically display their commitment. This is especially true for employees who interact with customers on a daily basis. The last time you visited a hotel, you most likely saw staff members wearing a service anniversary lapel pin. Employees are proud to show off their accomplishment! 

• Anniversary Lapel Pins are Impactful. The simple act of recognizing an employee’s years of service can go a long way in terms of retention, loyalty, and dedication. When you make your employees feel appreciated for their contributions, they will appreciate you. Start an anniversary lapel pin recognition program in your organization, and you’ll soon see a difference in employees’ attitudes!
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