5 Things You Need To Know About Giving Awards

November 17, 2015

As award season approaches, you’re probably turning your attention to ordering trophies for your year-end ceremony. Yes, which trophies you choose is an important part of the process, but there is so much more to making it a meaningful experience. As experts in award giving (we’ve been at it for more than 30 years), we’ve collected here our top need-to-know facts. Read on!


As you plan for your year-end awards, keep these questions in mind:

  1. Why? The reasons you give awards should be driven by your company’s core values. What matters to your organization? What behaviors and actions do you want to see repeated? What does success look like? If you have clear answers, you’re not only confident in the awards you’re giving, you’ll find it easier to choose a trophy message that clearly communicates the statement you want to make.

  2. How? The way you present your awards is as important the why. Even if they aren’t given at a formal event, they should still embody the fanfare of one. Your award winners have earned their moment in the spotlight and deserve a moment to stand proudly in front of their peers. If you need some direction on how to make that moment special, download our free Award Presentation Guide.

  3. What? Have you ever felt you had to forego your awards ceremony because of a tight budget? We’re here to tell you: that’s nonsense! Your trophies doesn’t have to be colossal, gilded, or bedazzled to make an impression on your recipients. Our Jade Character Trophies and Glass Award Plaques are customer favorites because they convey prestige without crushing your cash flow.

  4. Who? You may have been raised in an era when everyone received a trophy for participation—or, your emerging staff was at least. This may have made sense in the schoolyard, but it is not an effective way of recognizing in the workplace. What makes year-end awards distinctive is that they’re reserved for your top performers. Remove the exclusivity of the gesture and you remove the motivation for individuals to go above and beyond.

  5. Why, again? This is a different kind of why. The kind that asks: why give awards at all? Did you know they can be a powerful retention tool? One of our clients reported that members of their staff who have received an award are 90% more likely to stay with their company. That’s a big number. While it may not be typical, a recent Career Builder survey also reports that 50% of workers would stay at their jobs if they received more recognition, including awards.

Now that you’re armed with all the info you need to make this year’s award ceremony the best it can be, it’s time to start shopping! Click here to browse our collection of hundreds of trophies.

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