8 Accomplishments You Should be Recognizing this Award Season

November 16, 2017 Abby Oberholtzer

Has this past year been a whirlwind of big wins, new adventures, and occasional losses? (No business is perfect, right?) Your year-end celebration should commemorate the greatest moments of the year along with the people who made those legendary victories a reality!  Here’s a list of just a few accomplishments you should reward and celebrate at your year-end celebration.

Boss giving award to employee

Rookie of the Year: Beginning a new job is no easy feat. There’s a steep learning curve with any new gig. Your end-of-the-year celebration is the perfect time to recognize the newbie who has risen to the occasion and made the role their own by taking risks and bringing new ideas to the table. 


Inspiring Leader Award: Good managers make it their mission to inspire, challenge and advocate for their employees.  Take notice of those unicorn managers who consistently bring enthusiasm and passion for their team with them to work every day. The recipient of this award can either be hand-selected by your executive team or be nominated and voted for by your employees!


Team/Department of the Year: Make a fuss (the best kind of fuss, or course) about the team comprised of your company’s best. These individuals work together like a well-oiled machine to truly move the needle of progress in the right direction. Present them with a plaque, trophy or certificate that they can proudly display in their department. 


Employee of the Year: Few honors are more coveted than being hailed with this title. Reflect on the past year and make a list of employees whose enthusiasm and extraordinary performance made them stand out this year. Gather a group of managers to vote on which nominated employee deserves this coveted award. 


Perfect Attendance: Hopefully, this award doesn’t just go to a single person in your organization. Give a shout out to the (hopefully large) group of individuals who came to work ready to take on any challenge every day this year. This recognition display will inspire other employees to reconsider calling in last-minute days off in the new year! 


Highest Sales of the Year: Numbers don’t lie. Take some time to give a big “attaboy" or "attagirl” to the individual who has brought in the most new business for your organization. Awarding them a trophy that they can proudly display on their desk will act as an incentive to further boost their efforts and defend their title in the year to come.


Team Spirit Award:  Whether it’s a member of your senior leadership team or the individual who sits at the front desk cheerfully greeting visitors and potential employees, formally appreciate the person who lives out your company’s mission and values.  Typically, these individuals are nearly unanimously known around the office as the spirit of your company.  


Employees’ Choice Award: In the weeks leading up to your legendary award ceremony, allow employees to nominate a fellow team member whose work ethic and commitment are unmatched.  Compile a list of all those who were nominated and send out an all-staff survey allowing everyone to vote!


Whether you choose to recognize one or all of these hardworking people, be sure to make your award presentation memorable and exciting! 


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