Employee Awards Set Tone for New Year

October 26, 2009

Every year when the fourth quarter begins, prepared human resource managers and corporate event planners are thinking ahead to how their organization will celebrate the end of the year. Although difficult economic times had a toll on many organizations, the annual company awards ceremony remains vital to employee morale and satisfaction. This year, especially, how you handle employee awards will set the tone for the New Year.

Employee awards often take place at corporate holiday parties and honor employees who have achieved major milestones, accomplishments or exceeded goals. When you make employee awards an honor for the recipients, it sends a message to other employees. Observing the awards ceremony and the recognition their peers receive, employees can’t help but feel motivated to strive for the award themselves.Star Player Trophy



Incorporate Examples
When presenting employee awards, incorporate specific examples and analogies of exemplary behavior by the recipient. Describe in detail how diligently she worked long hours in order to negotiate better pricing with a vendor, or how another employee took on additional responsibilities to keep the department moving forward. Your examples will provide other employees with a clear idea of what behaviors you’re looking for, and how they can get recognized.



Grand Award.
To truly leave an impression on your employees, be sure your employee awards have a grand award for the recipients. If your employee awards don’t hold any value in the eyes of your employees, they will fail to motivate them to exceed expectations. Use both a symbolic award, like a trophy or plaque, and a personal, usable gift for greatest impact. The recipient can display the award at the office, and use the gift in his personal life. The visible reminder of the award in the office will be a constant reminder of your employee awards.



Set the Tone.
Using examples when presenting a grand award will make your employee awards memorable. To truly set the tone for the new year, speak to your employees during the award ceremony about the bigger picture. What were the values your award recipients showed throughout the year? How did they contribute to company success? Next year will present a new business climate and new challenges for organizations. How do you need employees to respond? Describe the values and attitudes you’ll look for when next year’s employee awards roll around.



Grand Award Suggestions:
Looking for an employee award that will have a “wow” effect on your team? Here are a few of our top picks employee awards that will have a grand impression.
Time to Shine Trophy – Star Player
Crystalline Tower Trophy
Character Impressions – Making a Difference


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