Employee Recognition Awards and Reasons to Recognize

February 9, 2016

Regardless of the year you've had, we’re confident you have reasons to celebrate and employees to recognize at the end of the year. Most employee recognition awards typically honor high sales or exceeding goals. This year, also look for individuals who remained engaged all year and put in the extra effort to make it through.

Giving employee recognition awards this year will have many benefits for your workforce. Celebrating employee achievements will boost morale and give employees a much needed chance to socialize and have fun with their peers.


Employee recognition award celebrations are also a crucial communication tool. The recognition and honors you give to employees communicates the behaviors and attitudes you value. Employees will model their goals and behaviors after the example you set by giving employee recognition awards. Whatever behaviors you recognize, be prepared to see more of them occurring. 


Here are a few award ideas to get your wheels churning about employee recognition awards:


Perfect Attendance Award – A classic employee recognition award, this year perfect attendance awards means more than a healthy immune system. These individuals displayed exceptional commitment and dedication to their responsibilities and the company’s performance. You could count on these individuals to be ready and willing to lend a hand.


Cost Savings Award – This year, cost cutting was a requirement for organizations to stay successful. What employees brought innovative ideas to the table? Who’s cost cutting measures that saved the company major moolah? Who was a key implementer to making those savings a reality? Recognizing these ideas with employee recognition awards sends a key message to your organization that you paid attention to the extra efforts.


Green Queen (or King) Award – Going green also means saving green. Give some props to employees who created and implemented green initiatives at your organization. Whether it was a comprehensive recycling program or introducing energy efficiency standards, their efforts not only saved you money but also made you a more attractive company to do business with.


Team Player Award – 72% of participants in a WorldatWork and Watson Wyatt survey reported going through a restructuring or layoffs since the economy downturn began in 2008. As a result, many employees were assigned with more work and fewer resources to complete it. If your organization faced a similar situation, look for the team player who filled in wherever needed without complaining. Give employee recognition awards to recognize these individuals for their work ethic and dedication. Without them, you likely wouldn’t be the organization you are today.


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