How to Start a Traveling Trophy Recognition Program

August 19, 2019 Julia Daihl




What is a Traveling Trophy Recognition Program?

Traveling trophy recognition programs are easy, low-cost award programs that encourage and engage teams. It’s a great way to reinforce desired behaviors and recognize top performers.

It’s simply a shared trophy within your team that gets passed from team member to team member. Only awarded to those that achieve the goals needed to earn it.

A traveling trophy program is a perfect forum for public recognition that motivates your entire team. It’s easy to get started with these six simple steps.


1. Select a trophy.

You can use a classic award, like an acrylic or crystal trophy, or use an item that is more silly, like a decorated toilet paper roll for an “On a Roll” program or an artificial banana for your “Top Banana” award. Select a trophy that fits your team and your culture.


2. Determine the program criteria.

How does a teammate earn the traveling trophy? Is it based on goal metrics or peer nominations? When you’re creating your traveling trophy recognition program, write down what an award recipient would look like.


3. Identify program frequency.

When is the trophy awarded? Does it move every two weeks, every month, or once a quarter? Get specific and then stick to your schedule!




4. Decide on additional awards.

A traveling trophy program can reward a recipient in more ways than one. Recipients could earn a lapel pin each time they win the trophy and proudly display them on a presentation board. You could also present them with an award certificate and gift card to their favorite lunch spot!


5. Introduce the program to your team.

Once your traveling trophy recognition program has been established, bring your team members together and present to them! Showing the trophy they can earn will help motivate them to participate; and prepared handouts can be useful for them to take to their desk and reference if needed.


6. Start recognizing!

Now that you’ve launched the program, the most important part is sticking to it. Stay on schedule to move the trophy and make it a big deal when someone wins it. Recognition and appreciation are key to high employee engagement.

Your team members will feel so great about your traveling trophy recognition program, they’ll be feeling like this every time they receive it!


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