Presenting a Memorable Customer Service Award

June 22, 2015

Purpose: To recognize customer service representatives for customer service excellence and reinforce desired behavior.


Description: Character Pin in a theme of your choice.


Eligibility: Customer service awards can be presented to a customer service representative who receives positive customer feedback, submits a process improvement idea, or has a month of high sales.


Presentation: Customer service awards can be presented in a variety of settings. Consider the recipient’s preferences as you decide how to present the customer service award. Some individuals prefer public recognition, such as in a team meeting, while others prefer private recognition, during a one-on-one meeting in your office.


Character Pin: Character Pins have become a popular a way to present customer service awards. They have a unique potential to influence a customer service department. A Character Pin is presented with a lapel pin the recipient can wear or display at his/her desk as well as a motivational story the award presenter can read.



When presenting a customer service award, the presenter should make sure to express why the individual is being recognized by describing the specific behavior. For example, a frontline employee may receive a customer service award for staying late on a Friday afternoon to make sure a customer received their order in time for their event. Present this employee with the Above & Beyond Character Lapel Pin for their customer service award. Specifying the specific behavior the individual demonstrated will motivate both the recipient and full staff to go Above & Beyond more often.


The Character Pins are available in a variety of stories which recognize different behaviors, values, or actions to make a memorable customer service award for every occasion.


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