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Be More Kind: Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day provides us all with a day to reflect on the importance of kindness not just to each other but self-kindness as well. It may be cliché but a little bit of kindness truly dos do a long way.

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With last few years seemingly being a rewind or Groundhog Day given the continued pandemic in the world; our in office/work from home teams need as much kindness as we can provide. It seems appropriate that we take every opportunity possible to make another person smile and feel not only appreciated but valued.

Participating in Random Acts of Kindness Day doesn’t have to take a huge amount of planning or preparation. You could notice something that a colleague has done well and thank them for it or leave treats in the common area and invite everyone to come together for a mid-day break.

Below are 5 more ideas your office can utilize to make a fun and memorable Random Acts of Kindness Day.

1. Write letters to those in need: You can start this project in your organization, getting your team involved by mailing letters to specific people across the world. Extend Random Acts of Kindness Day throughout the year and make this a team effort, monthly. Visit moreloveletters.com and per their site: We list new stories on our website every single month and you have the whole month to write a love letter to one or a few of the individuals. Be honest. Be real. Write from the heart.”

2. Make recognition meaningful: Show appreciation for those in your company who go above and beyond is the easiest way to extend an act of kindness. You can always say thank you in person or send peer-to-peer e-Praise cards

3. Leave small gifts: Take note of the co-worker who has a candy dish, and fill the dish with their favorite candy after they have left for the day. For the person who loves taking notes, get them fun and brightly colored pens. If you have someone who likes flowers (as flowers make everyday life better) get them a vibrant desk plant.

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4. Reach out to the community: Encourage employees to reach out to the community. This could include helping at a local food bank, cleaning up a local park, sharing your knowledge by tutoring students or helping someone looking for work with their resume. You could also help our our furry friends by sharing your love of animals at your local ASPCA. If you need more examples where you can spread kindness, visit Volunteer Match.

5. Be kind to yourself: It’s easy to forget about self-care when you are overwhelmed by everything happening at work or in your personal life. No matter how busy you may be the best act of kindness is to take care of yourself. Step away from your desk every 10 minutes. Take deep fulfilling breaths. Go for a long walk. When you get home from work do what makes you happy: read a book, watch your favorite TV show, or light candles and meditate.

Make random acts of kindness an everyday habit. Because kindness is known to spread, not only can the whole organization elevate and promote a more positive culture, you will also be able to see how kindness inspires and brings people together.  Continue your pursuit of kindness by visiting our Employee Appreciation Day shop and find the best items to celebrate on March 1st. Also, if you want more ideas on spreading kindness you can get these ideas sent straight to your inbox by clicking the box below!

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