Big Staff Recognition, Little Cost

 As the leading pediatric hospital in the Canadian province of British Columbia, BC Children’s Hospital provides expert care for the area’s most seriously ill or injured children. In fact, many of the specialized pediatric services the hospital offers are not available anywhere else in the province. The 142-bed inpatient facility treats more than 168,000 patients each year. When the hospital’s Family Advisory committee sought out a staff recognition program to reward hospital staff for model behavior, they found Baudville provided a perfect fit.

To provide the best quality of care, BC Children’s Hospital has adopted a Family Centered Care approach to healthcare. Family Centered Care respects the central role of the family in a child’s life and upholds the importance of the family as a partner on the health care team –an important initiative when over 85% of your patients are under the age of 15.

Although the Family Advisory already hosted an annual awards ceremony, Susan Greig, Partners in Care Family Liaison for the hospital, wanted to recognize more staff on a more regular basis by creating a staff recognition program. “When I presented the program to HR, they loved it,” she says. Susan implemented the Bravo Star Award, a high-impact, monthly staff recognition program that operates impressively on a $50.00 annual budget.

Each month, letters and comment satisfaction cards submitted by patient families are reviewed for evidence of the hospital’s family-centered care principles, such as respect, support, flexibility, and collaboration. Chosen recipients of the staff recognition program are invited to the monthly meeting of the Family Advisory committee for lunch and presented with the award.

It's Your Day Greeting Card


Bravo Star Award recipients are presented with the “It’s Your Day” Baudville greeting card. The card is personalized with congratulations from the Family Advisory committee and the specific comments made by the nominating family. Posters are also placed throughout the hospital, intranet, and public website on a quarterly basis to acknowledge the winners.

The staff recognition program, which has been in effect for a year and a half, has produced visible, real-world results. “Staff who have received the award say it has boosted their morale,” says Susan. Recognizing the desired family-centered care principles in a public manner also reinforces the behaviors the Family Advisory is hoping to achieve.  The monthly award keeps the principles of family-centered care foremost in the minds of both staff and patients and increases the visibility of the Family Advisory committee and its goals.


Susan understands the importance of recognition to motivate staff and encourage program growth. “Recognition and praise are necessary to change, re-energize, and support the family-centered care culture of any organization,” she says. Susan encourages others to replicate similar staff recognition programs in their own workplaces and demonstrates that meaningful recognition doesn’t have to be expensive.


Susan found Baudville’s products expressed the sentiment she desired in a price range her budget could afford. The “It’s Your Day” greeting card has become a trophy symbol around the hospital, one which staff members hope to earn. The value of recognition Baudville products portray, evident even in a greeting card, make Baudville the prime source for simplifying recognition in the workplace.


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