Customer Profile: BrightFormat

Brightformat is a Grand Rapids-based digital printing company, located less than half a mile from Baudville. Their unique business model focuses 100% on digital output, with a variety of technology and expertise that allows them to help clients with a broad range of work.


Brightformat operates under three core values: Own It (be fully responsible and accountable for your work), Be It (be gracious and authentic servants to your clients and to one another), and Take Care of It (always exceed expectations and never let anyone down). These admirable business standards, paired with a work hard-play hard mentality made Brightformat the ideal partner for Baudville’s print needs.


When Baudville became The Place for Daily Recognition in 2009, we sought out Brightformat to help us create a compelling printed mailer to get the word out to our customers. Ever since, Brightformat has been our go-to for our most challenging projects.

In 2012, Baudville had the opportunity to help Brightformat solve their own business challenge: staff uniforms. Pete Houlihan, Brightformat’s President and Owner, explains with his signature sense of humor:


“For five years we struggled with different uniforms. Both my business partner and I have always liked the visual and psychological cohesion associated with uniforms, but no options that we previously tried appealed to our culture or our spirit. And, most importantly, the employees did not dig what we had tried out for the first couple of rounds. ‘I feel and look like an inmate’ was a memorable quote from one particular long-term employee after donning uniform option #2. He was right. He looked like an inmate. And while he may have actually been one at one time, we didn’t want him to feel that way while working at Brightformat, so we scrapped it unsure of what we could do.”


When Brightformat re-branded in 2012, their new logo and graphics contained bright, bold colors. The personality of their organization has always been rooted in the notion that they take their work very seriously, but themselves not so much. When a Baudville employee stopped by their office wearing a Smart Saying Team Shirt, they had an ah-ha moment. Seeing the combination of vibrant visual appeal with phrases that thoroughly suited their culture, they knew immediately that they had a solution—and have been using Baudville Team Shirts ever since.


Pete told us: “When we first saw the shirts, we knew they were exactly what we needed—they weren’t an option we had to settle on; they were perfect for us as-is.” They even provide shirts to their temporary workforce who come and go as business increases and decreases throughout the year. They keep a closet full of Baudville shirts so that anyone who works there for any period of time feels like part of their “normal” crew.


Today, when clients visit Brightformat, the first thing they notice and remark about with a smile is the staff shirts. The clever sayings reflect the personality of the company and the consistency in attire represents a cohesive operation that builds confidence in the customer that their job will be handled effectively and professionally. Baudville’s Team Shirts work for them, and they can work for you! Visit baudville. com/teamshirts today to learn more.

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