DIRECTV's Recognition of Customer Service Excellence Pays Off

Research by Northwestern University has found that recognizing customer service excellence can provide an increase to a company’s bottom line. The 2004 study found a direct link exists between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction and between customer satisfaction and improved financial performance.  

Andy Bailey, Recognition, Events, and Corporate Citizenship Specialist of Denver-based DIRECTV, one of the nation’s leading digital TV providers, and a client of Baudville, has seen the powerful results recognizing customer service excellence can have.    

For Andy, his customer is the front-line DIRECTV employee, and he strives to recognize their demonstrations of customer service excellence. “In many cases, the customer service representative is the front door to our organization. They are imperative to our business. We can talk until we’re blue in the face about how much we value our customers, but they’re the ones who put it into action.”  

For a busy week in the call center, Andy will recognize customer service excellence by providing food, chair massages, and relaxation techniques for all staff. “I make sure we give our staff the support they need to do their job,” said Bailey. “I say thank you, show appreciation, and show that I understand of the pressures customer service representatives face.”    

Affecting the bottom line
For many companies like DIRECTV, a customer’s interaction with the person on the other end of the customer service helpline may impact the customer’s future relationship with the company (i.e. future purchases).  The first step to ensure that interaction is satisfactory for your customers begins with recognizing your frontline employees for customer service excellence.  

Andy recognizes customer service excellence in his staff, thus encouraging the employees to practice the behavior and strive for excellence repeatedly. Andy will provide snacks on a weekend or have a themed party after a busy season to recognize staff dedication and extra efforts. He knows that reinforcing customer service excellence in the behaviors of his staff is going to improve the customer service experience for DIRECTV customers and ultimately improve business.    

DIRECTV serves as a successful example of the effect employees’ satisfaction can have on customer response. They were recently ranked by J.D. Power and Associates as “Highest in Customer Service Satisfaction among Satellite/Cable TV Subscribers” in the Southern, Western, and Eastern regions of the United States.  

Through the strategic recognition of customer service excellence, DIRECTV has created a culture of appreciation for its employees. Employees, in turn, express that appreciation to their customers, and their customer service excellence has spoken volumes for the business of DIRECTV.

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