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Clean Workspace = Clear Mind: How to Reduce Stress at Work

Clear desks, full hearts, can’t lose. Or…something, right? However you frame it, we’re firm believers in the mindset of having a clean space to enhance a clear mind. And where better to implement that than at work?

Studies have even shown that the more your brain sees, the more distracted you can be.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to de-clutter your space and increase your focus!

Clean Workspace = Clear Mind

To quote Emily Gilmore quoting Marie Kondo, sometimes we look at our desk and think “No joy!”

There really is something to be said about wanting what you have and having what you need. So take a hard look at your desk and reevaluate. Do you really need that slinky? Or the half-eaten apple? Simply clearing some of the unnecessary items can make a huge difference.

That being said – we are not, by any means, saying to get rid of the touches you’ve added to your desk that help to make you feel happy and inspired. Personally, I’ve got some female role models and artwork tacked up at my desk, and when I feel stumped I can glance over at my faves and feel re-inspired.

So if that slinky DOES bring you some joy, keep it! And if nothing is really bringing you joy? Add some!


Here are 5 ideas for ways you can add some life to your daily space, and invest in the tools that help you to stay focused!

  1. Plants! Alive things help you feel…alive! And if you’re not near a window, no worries! Plants also groove with fluorescent lighting. Here are some low maintenance office plants and you can shop our growable gifts here!
  2. Reed Diffusers – all the smell of a candle, none of the fear of fire (or HR).
  3. Quotes – whether it’s feminist, religious, from your favorite book or movie, sometimes you need wisdom nearby.

4. Photos of Your PeopleThey’re cute and you love ’em, so prop them up in your workspace! *Pets are 100% included in being your people!

5.Visuals of Your Goals. You might be working for a promotion, saving for a home project, paying off your car, or planning your trip to Iceland. Keep a little visual reminder of what it is that you’re working so hard for and motivation to achieve it.

However you choose to light up your space as a way to inspire yourself and keep you motivated, our top tip is this: KEEP IT CLEAN. Set a calendar reminder for every Friday (or Monday, whatever strikes your fancy) to take a quick sweep through your space. Remove any debris that’s accumulated: paperclips not in their dish, a crossed-off to-do list, any lunch trash, papers that need filed, etc.

Making it a habit will keep you on track.

Keeping your space clean really does make a difference in your mental clarity. By maintaining your space and eliminating clutter, you allow your mind to focus on the task at hand, instead of getting distracted. Which, ultimately is not only a form of self-care but also a way to get you through your daily tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Favorite Organizational Desk Accessories

We love this cute but functional corkboard, pin your vision board elements here!

Talk about adding some sunshine to your space! This adorable corkboard gives you a cohesive vibe while still allowing you to mix and match and switch things up when the mood strikes!

This matching duo that keeps your pens and paper in place!

Strike gold with this cute organizational set! Adding some class to your decluttering is always a solid choice.

Gather all your brilliant ideas in one place with this custom Tuscany journal, made by you for you!

Add some of your own personal flair with this fully customizable notebook! You’ll never lose a good idea or get your journal confused with someone else’s, so it’s a win-win in our book.

Combine all your favorites into one beautiful kit!

We love this idea because it combines all of our favorite elements and allows the user to utilize a desktop vacuum to really clean up their day!

The only thing we want dry is our champagne. Want to add some fun and keep your space from getting too stale? Catch us ordering this cactus-themed humidifier immediately.

This is a great way to make your space a true place of serenity. It’s great for your skin, and adding some essential oils can keep your mood serene too!

Looking for some other ways to add some work-time zen? We’ve got you covered.

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