Four Tips for Celebrating Customer Service Week!

September 10, 2013


Every business that's in business has two types of customers. You're probably familiar with the most obvious kind: external customers who buy or use our goods and services.

But, there are also internal customers: that is, the departments and individuals who we interact with on a daily basis. Our cooperation with one another is what keeps the company running smoothly, which means giving exceptional service to our co-workers is just as vital as it is to anyone over the phone, at the counter, or in the aisles.

In turn, that means that even if we aren't in Customer Service proper, we're all still serving customers—and we all need a little appreciation for giving our best, no matter who we're giving it to.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's start planning the celebration you're going to have with everyone in your company that first week of October! Take our advice and...

Make it Affordable. The purpose of Customer Service Week is not to blow your budget, it's to have a blow-out event that shows how much your team matters to your business. With gifts from our new
Value Line, you can give a keepsake to everyone and keep money in your pocket, too.

Make it Interactive. When creating activities for the week, think of ideas that will get your employees mingling. Team contests, group lunches, and collaborative exercises are all great ways to help your staff get to know each other better. They'll build more personal relationships with each other, and work harder in the future to keep those bonds strong.

Make it Fun. Yes, there's some strategy in celebrating Customer Service Week, but the best way to make it meaningful and memorable is make your celebration easygoing and fun, not over-worked and tedious. We've all experienced forced fun. There's nothing fun about it! By hosting activities that are carefree and at-will, your employees will choose to participate and end up
truly enjoying themselves.

Make it Heartfelt. You're celebrating Customer Service Week because you want to thank your team members for the exceptional service they provide every day. Amid the hoopla, don't leave out the raison d'être!
Express your appreciation all throughout the festivities and your team will get the message—loud and clear! 

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